Les Exclusifs de Chanel at ION

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  1. nikkou
    Hello People,

    What it says. B2 Right opposite the MRT entrance. If you see L'Occitane, you're in the right area. Staff seems to be trained that formula has not been changed since the creation of the scents. Sorry, didn't ask about price. Les Exclusifs on left of Chanel store entrance, lovely display, can't miss it.

    Happy shopping!
  2. rafflesia
    If what I remember from my MBS excursion a month ago is correct (I forgot the exact prices--maybe $250 for a 75ml bottle?), we'd be better off purchasing our Sycomore/Bois des Iles/La Pausa's on beautyencounter, even after factoring in the unreasonable shipping costs.
  3. nikkou
    Haha, I went straight to beautyencounter to check out the price and shipping there but presently there are no les exclusifs. Will check again. Thanks for the tip Rafflesia! Meanwhile, I hope Chanel here will have some specials to entice us..
  4. rafflesia
    You have to search under the specific name of the Exclusifs, nikkou. I found Bois des Iles, Bel Respiro, 31 Rue Cambon, 28 La Pausa, No. 18, Cuir de Russie, Eau de Cologne -- all at USD120. I saw Sycomore and Coromandel (isn't this too sweet for our weather???) the last time but they must have sold out. Same for Gardenia, No.22 and Biege, I guess.
  5. rafflesia
    OK, my bad. After calculating the shipping (US$10 set-up fee + US$25 shipping fee + US$15 dangerous goods surcharge; see https://myus2.myus.com/Memberships.aspx), a few paltry dollars of savings cannot beat the instant gratification of shopping at a Chanel boutique. Which, by the way, is retailing the 75ml bottle at S$223.
  6. Pamplelune
    I saw the Exclusifs at the Taka Chanel boutique about 2 years ago...
  7. nikkou
    Hello Everyone

    Thank you for sharing all your research with us Rafflesia. I hope someone from Chanel is reading this thread and am prepared to give you extra goodies!

    Pamplelune, did you buy any then? Were the smaller bottles out, or did they only have the 200ml?
  8. Pamplelune
    Hi nikkou! Back then it was still only the annoying 200mls...no honkerettes yet! I think the Exclusifs should still be at the Taka boutique now...

    Update 24/7: All gone from Taka boutique. Apparently only at MBS now.
  9. jcsg
    Seems like some of the 75mls exclusifs are produced only for a one off period
  10. rafflesia
    Actually, Pamplelune, I don't think Taka ever carried the Exclusifs. The 75ml bottles are now available not just at MBS but also the stand-alone Chanel Beauty shop at the basement of ion.

    And jcsg, I don't think the 75ml bottles are one-off's, as they are still available at the official Chanel online shop in the US. In fact, if you go to the Chanel online shop now, you'll also discover something no perfume blog I know has announced yet: 4 of the Exclusifs are now also available in parfum. Thank goodness 31 RC is not one of them, as the last thing I need is to be scheming on how I can get my hands on something I can ill afford, haha.
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