THIRD GAME STARTS: do perfumery pheromones influence the behaviour of others towards us?

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  1. Profumo

    We are entering in the heart of the subject, do perfumery pheromones influence the behaviour of people towards us?
    Nevertheless, this time we shall be so much part of the experiment, being at the same time the object and the observer that the results will be totally unreliable, but it should be fun and it will teach us to use perfumes conciously in order to affect others and teach us awareness of others, observing the effect we are having on them with our odour.

    Protocol of experiment:
    material: we shall use 2 empty sprays as on the picture of the pheromone kit. One of them will be filled with whatever perfume you think fit for the situations in which you will use it. The other one will be filled with the same perfume mixed by half with a pheromone of your choice.
    You will then have 2 bottles looking the same. If their color is different you could cover the bottles with some coloured tape in order to make it impossibile to recognize one from the other.
    This is where the pencil that writes on glass will be used, you will make a mark under each bottle in order to be able to recognize it.
    How to experiment: chose one of the 2 perfumes at random without looking which one it is. You can keep it in your task and use it during the day and observe the behaviour of the people towards you.
    Next day you will use the second bottle without looking which one it is.
    Next day alternate again.
    You can do that for a few days, writing for yourself every day a report of your observations. Never check which bottle contains the pheromone.
    After a few days when the bottles are finished you will at last look which bottle contained the pheromone and write a conclusion of your experiment for us.
  2. mumsy
    Okey doke. I shall use Yendi by Capuccci with probably the castorium. I am off on hols for a week, so we will see what happens. The only trouble is, I will know the difference every time by the smell.

    Should I not give the bottles to someone else not possessing a perfumers nose? I suppose I can anyway as I have spare bottles of my own.
  3. bshell
    Question to profumo: Are you saying that in one bottle we will have 50% perfume and 50% (e.g.) Hyrax? I think the hyrax will greatly influence the perfume at that level. I'm picturing 1ml of perfume and 1ml of hyrax. Is that what you really want?
  4. Profumo
    Dear Bshell, this is what I mean, 1 ml of perfume for 1 ml of tincture. the perfume should be sufficiently loaded for the results to be conclusive. When we try we shall discover if there is some protocol problem and solve it when it presents itself.
  5. mumsy
    I've tried this again with quite a few perfumes now and the smell is enormously different, whichever animalic i'm using, so I know which I am wearing every time. It doesn't make me a random observer. Does it matter if I know? I am trying to act the same and not influence the smells, but because I know, I think I am looking at my victims differently.

    Lots of people were friendly and talked to us, but they do that anyway where we go. I didn't notice a marked difference whether I was wearing the pheremone or not but we were doing lots of friendly team stuff with kids. No-one asked me about my perfume, but we were roughing it in the Welsh countryside and we probably smelled more of sheep poo. I shall have to try again in more couth circumstances. I've yet to find a reasonable perfume that is man enough to mask the smell. Yendi was too delicate.
  6. Profumo
    Dear Mumsy you are right. Unless we have a cold we shall know which one we are wearing. We can proceed with boldness wearing just the raw tinctures and spraying them on ourselves just before entering the situation in which we want to test it.
    I suggest:
    Civet when you have to do with police and want to be treated with respect.
    castoreum when you want to aaffirm your authority in your own territory
    Ambergris when you want to seduce
  7. bshell
    I did one experiment so far. I followed instructions and used 50% Hyrax in a new (lovely) cologne of mine. I sprayed one shot on the back of my hand and one on my clothes just before going to a series of work meetings, including one with my supervisor. Everything went well and I had a marvelous day. As Mumsy says, at 50% there was NO problem telling which one I was wearing.
  8. Puente
    Same situation here. I decided to use Lavender alone and Lavender with Civet (Jicky came to mind). I've been told by my roommate and another co-worker that I smell like lavender but both times I know I was just wearing the raw lavender without the civet. I'm alone most of the time at work so unfortunately I probably don't get as many people around me as some of you folks.
  9. abysynth
    excellent! I recently finally acquired some perfume (chanel no. 5) that (I believe) has no animal products already in it, and in a quantity that I can feel free to experiment with (most of my perfumes are either 5ml decants or tiny bottles of pure perfume). if anybody knows differently re. No. 5 and animal ingredients, do let me know. I shall start experimenting tomorrow!
  10. Profumo
    Dear Puente, it might turn to be an advantage to have to concentrate your experiments at work on few persons that you know well. You may understand better any behavioural changes towards you.
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