THIRD GAME STARTS: do perfumery pheromones influence the behaviour of others towards us?

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  1. Partario
    I can't wait to try this one out, but living in Japan this one will propose a tad bit of difficulty. One thing the Japanese seem to never compliment is any sort of scent whatsoever. In fact, there's been times when I've complimented others on their scents, and they've denied wearing any, and said I must be smelling something different, until I press enough to where they finally admit, "Well I did spray some (insert fragrance name) on this morning." It's still even not so much a big thing here, and sort of still viewed as more of a "woman's sort of thing" at least according to most of whom I speak with. I know that east Asians are supposed to have a rather developed sense of smell though, so it will be interesting to see if I can get any sort of responses. I'll have to REALLY look for subtleties in peoples actions though. I can pick them up from time to time, but not with out great effort.

    Either way I think it will be really fun to try. Though probably not as easy to get the desired results here.
  2. Profumo
    Dear Partario,

    I agree with you that i twill be difficult for you as a westerner to comprehend behavioural changes in Japanese people, unless you have spent a lifelong in Japan.

    However you could do it the Japanese way and when you invite someone home, organize a smell degustation following the Koh Doh mode. A modern Koh Doh party.

    You may be for another surprise from the soul of the Japanese people if you manage to reach them behind their mask. The best ways to do this in all cultures is through food and scents.

    For instance you cannot imagine the smelling taste of the afghan Pushtun mountain men. These bearded murderer looking wild warriors fall in for rose. They are romantic. Their poetry and music are so delicate. When I wanted to take pictures of my friends, they would always chose a flowery bush or tree to be their background. Their love for rose perfume, for flowers and romantic poetry is surprising in such a rough looking people.
  3. mumsy
    I wore the bee yesterday with yendi. I went into a hospital situation with my daughter who needed a new leg plaster. I thought that it may make people be kind to us as the bee is a comforting sweet smell. It seemed to work very well as everyone was smiling and being nice. The only person who was a bit abrupt was the lady doing the actual plastering. It may have been just because she was overworked. I hope it wasn't my perfume. No-one remarked, but it wasn't a perfume remarking sort of situation.

    What effect would you expect the bee to have?
  4. Profumo
    Dear Mumsy, I do not know what effect Honey bee perfume can have on others, but you can get hints on the psychological effect at this page
  5. abysynth
    yesterday I tried my mix of chanel no. 5 and civet, and the opposite effect of what I might expect is what happened. mostly I was noticed by no one, and my mood was very dark. not sure if this was in spite of the perfume, or because of it. not sure if I should try mixing the civet with a different perfume. it did last longer though! I also have some chanel no. 5 mixed with ambergris, perhaps that would produce some different results.
  6. Profumo
    Dear Abysynth, the experiments should be multiplied in order to be able to reach to some conclusion. Try with plain tinctures without perfume. It will be more straightforward to reach our goal.
  7. Puente

    It's interesting that you mentioned your mood was dark while wearing civet as I've noticed that my mood is also a bit dark when wearing civet tincture. And by dark I really don't mean upset but more of a serious, more mature nature. I thought it was just mere coincidence but now that you've mentioned it, civet might have that effect on some of us. Maybe this is why others tend to treat the us with a little more respect while wearing civet. AbdesSalaam, have you had any others mention this?
  8. Profumo
    Yes Puente, I wear Civet when I want to feel like a lion. A lion is a very serious person.
  9. abysynth
    wow, I don't know if I have the guts to wear civet all by itself, "fecal" isn't really "office appropriate"! I suppose I could use a small enough amount to avoid really smelling strongly of anything, since the reactions we see in people may result from subliminal influence anyway. or, I could just wimp out and wear ambergris instead
  10. Profumo
    Using your collegues as subjects of experiment might be a new interesting point of view to look at them. It will make you scientifically distached from emotional involvment with them, like a scientist observing ants or birds. The more you dare the more you got. I would say no to ambergris in office because it is a scent to seduce males. You may attract the animosity of other females and get conter-productive effects on men.
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