Not a lot going on here.

  1. dwrestle
    Wow it's empty in here. echo.
  2. julyliad
    hellooooooo? Hello from Kansas City, Mo. Anyone try new perfumes lately? I tried something a bit heavier as the weather is cooler now, and I hated it: Shalimar Parfum Initial. yikes!
  3. Jeannemarie
    Not a lot going on here...because it's the Midwest!
  4. SteelerOpera
    Hey all Barely a Midwesterner here (NE Ohio) anyone near me?
  5. meowmo
    Hey, did y'all see on the regular boards there is talk of a meetup in KCMO????? YEEEEHAWWWW
  6. TooBIG
    Here in Michigan. Just joined this group. Gotta love bring it back in 2017 baby from 2012
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