"Niche" shopping directory

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  1. rafflesia
    Let's list the "niche" brands all in one place for easier reference. Please add on if I miss out anything.
  2. rafflesia
    Tangs, Paragon, MBS

    Annick Goutal
    L'Artisan Parfumeur
    Comme des Garcons
    The Different Company
    Le Labo
    Maison Francis Kurkdjian
    Serge Lutens
    Van Cleef & Arpels Collection Extraordinaire

    Oblique/Hide & Seek
    Telok Ayer St

    Etat Libre D’Orange
    Histoires De Parfums
    Humiecki & Graef
    Huitieme Art Parfums
    Mona Di Orio
    Nobile 1942

    Orchard Central

    Etat Libre D’Orange

    Perfumes & Cosmetics (Nuance-Watson)
    Changi Airport Duty-Free

    Annick Goutal
    Serge Lutens

    Bond No. 9
    Juliette Has a Gun

    Uomo Collezioni

    Lorenzo Villoresi
    Washington Tremlett

    Ngee Ann City, Millenia Walk

    Armani Prive La Collection
    Giorgio Armani ION

    Chanel Les Exclusifs
    Beaute Shop @ ION, MBS

    Comme des Garcons
    Hilton Shopping Gallery, The Pocket Shop


    Frederic Malle
    The Hour Glass Knightsbridge

    Hermes @ Takashimaya, Liat Tower, MBS

    Jo Malone
    Ngee Ann City


    Six Scents
    Asylum, Club 21
  3. joshuaang
    wow thanks for this post! never knew so many of them existed in singapore, though of course there could be more! would you happen to know where in ngee ann city aesop is stocked? really want to try marrakech and mystra!

    now, if only guerlain's exclusives (or even l'heure bleue, for heaven's sake) could make their way here...
  4. rafflesia
    At the backside of Cedele (used to be Delifrance). Where Camper was located in the past.

    The Millenia Walk store is much more interesting looking though
  5. socalwoman
    Hi group! I just want to comment on the fantastic directory that's been started here and thank Rafflesia for putting it together.

    There is a section on the forum for local shopping guides. If it was posted there as well, more people who are looking for places to shop there will be able to read it, and editing it will be easier.

    Adding: Stuigi added a sticky post to the local shopping guide area for Singapore in case anyone would like to add information there as well. http://www.basenotes.net/threads/283...08#post2277608
  6. junkfood
    Just want to add on:
    Takashimaya has a small collection of Creed, Penhaligon's, AG, AdP as well
  7. subutex
    yep takashimaya is where you can try a full day wearing of creeds.. =)
  8. rafflesia
    Hey Joshua I think you should put up bits and pieces of your famous factory outlet directory on the sticky post! Pleaaaaase!
  9. gingerdip
    I think I met u at Tangs many mths ago, vivacity serge lutens corner.

    Anyway to add, I bought a perfume oil fr johari
    Bonus: he has Mysore sandalwood.. So rare n precious I m previledged to hv sniffed it.

    M a crazy niche collector myself n don't buy my perfumes in Sg though.. Too exp for the serge n dipytiques. Always bought mine from us or Europe , online
    Can Anyone reccomend me some outlet shopping for perfumes?
  10. joshuaang
    @rafflesia: Oh dear I really want to but I'm so busy now with packing for a trip to Thailand this weekend and then flying for my studies to UK next Saturday! Will do so once I find a nice pocket of time!

    @gingerdip: Yes indeed, Vivocity Tangs most people don't usually hang out at the Serge Lutens corner. I went to Johari's yesterday but he was having an appointment with some other customer so I was attended to by this other guy instead... who was kinda aloof and not very warm/pleasant at all. Hence I spent only 5 min there. HOWEVER, the service at Jamal Kazura was super fantastic - even though it was crowded (lots of tourists), I was well-attended to and much delightful conversation was exchanged there. Bought a bottle of 'Violet' perfume oil too!
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