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  1. Profumo
    The new fragrance of the Arabian series, Oud Caravan, is under construction.

    The project:
    The new fragrance project, Oud Caravan, consists in having registered Basenotes.net perfumistas participate in the making of this perfume.

    Samples of the first version from which we start, are already available and the discussion is opened on this thread to comment it. I shall eventually perfect the fragrance from the comments and suggestions of basenoters.

    The concept of Oud Caravan:
    My purpose with Oud Caravan is to compose the “Ultimate Oud Fragrance”. A real challenge.

    The concept has been expressed on the preliminary discussion we had on this group: “Natural perfumery is like jewelry, because we are really dealing here with olfactory jewels. A perfect rubi can be exhibited and admired for itself, but when you set it onto a golden ring with small diamonds, the rubi's perfection is underlined and even enhanced by the other gems. This is my idea, an Oud better than Oud, "the Ultimate Oud Fragrance".

    The protocols of the project:
    To judge the perfume and help me perfect it, there will be:

    1.) A panel of 10 Oud fans from Basenotes.net chosen by Masstika. He called them “a difficult lot to satisfy”.

    2.) All perfumistas are invited to participate as well in the discussions and express their ideas and help us. They just have to register with this group.

    New samples will be available for every modification of the perfume (probably 2 or 3)

    The samples:

    1.) The panel of 10 Oud fans from Basenotes.net will receive the free samples directly.

    2.) All perfumistas registered in this group can get free samples as usual at The Perfumed Court. When you place an order for your decants, a free sample of Oud Caravan will be added, you just have to be registered members of the group and give your nickname to Lisa of TPC.
    There is only one other condition for getting the free samples, you must order decants of fragrances only from Natural Perfumers on TPC. The natural perfumers TPC holds are: Ajne, Strange Invisible Perfumes, Ayala Sender (soon), Mandy Aftel, Abdessalaam Attar.

    3.) You can also order first version of Oud Caravan right now. It is available in different sizes. Future versions will also be available on our website as the perfume is changed. Moreover, anyone ordering anything on profumo.it will also receive a free sample of Oud Caravan by simply requesting it under "comments" when you place your order.

    The project is for perfumistas only, professional perfumers not admitted in this project.

    More pictures are available here
  2. WillC
    Thanks for the info. The picture prompts a question for me: are you doing the fragrance as an attar rather than an alcohol-based spray? I don't necessarily have a preference, I'm just curious.

    I'd be interested to smell the preliminary versions and possibly participate in the sampling group, but I don't know a lot about oud, and my nose isn't the best in the world. I don't mind too much if those factors rule me out - I'm happy to stand back and let more experienced noses give their input. I'll definitely look forward to sampling the finished product anyway, I'm sure it'll be great.
  3. Profumo
    WillC, nobody is ruled out of the project. It will be the occasion for you to learn something and your input is as important as the one of the experts in Oud because the perfume is meant for all people and it should be good for experts and non experts as well.
    The perfume Oud Caravan should be available also in Attar (pure essence) form in due time.
  4. Puente
    This is very exciting Profumo. I don't want to veer off the subject but I do have a question as well since you mention possibilities for a future Attar. Can a blend of essential oils in a base of sandalwood oil be considered an Attar too or does it have to go by the rules of ancient attars where the raw material was distilled directly into the sandalwood oil?
  5. Profumo
    The modern meaning of attar is different from the ancient one. Is called Attars a perfume composed of different pure essences (natural or not) or a pure essence (Rose Attar). But you will find in the shops scents who contain vegetal or mineral oils that are still called Attar by the seller. It is a very vague term in practice, that can mean anything.
    Rose Attar should mean pure essential oil of rose, but even chemical one is sold as such. The only thing that you can surely expect from a scent called Attar is that it is in a small bottle and without alcohol
  6. Puente
    Thank you for the explanation Salaam.
  7. AmritA
    I am sorry Salaam, but when I see the name of the perfume I feel a camel and the sand smell...
  8. Profumo
    You are right Amrita, the name tells the story, an that is the story of an Oud spicy and animalic.
    You will soon be able to smell it, I shall send the free samples to TPC on Monday.
  9. Organic1
    The picture in the 1st Post shows a bottle a burner and some lovely looking Oud chips.
    Where are those Oud Chips from and what kind are they?
  10. Profumo
    The Oud on the picture is from Mecca, I do not know the origin because it was presents made by friends when I travelled there. You never ask about a gift from an arab person, you should just know that it is the best quality.
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