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  1. santino
    #1. Paco Rabanne Pour Homme
    rest in no particular order.
    Polo classic.
    Van Cleef & Arpels/Trussardi Uomo/Francesco Smalto Pour homme.
    Brut (yes Brut)
    Boss no 1.
    Giorgio for Men.
    Special Reserve aftershave.
  2. shamu1
  3. Slayerized
    Some frags I never smelled in your top 25, but I would either put Pino or A-Men out and put Lapidus in.................

    Is that Lemmy on that pic?
  4. shamu1
    I'd take Pino out before A*Men. A*Men is in my Top Ten. I love both.

    Yep, that's Lemmy with Sid Vicious, 1977.
  5. Slayerized
    Yeah, I am a big Motorhead fan (and Slayer of course, lol)

    You also prefer Pino over Lapidus ph? Think about

    By the way, that Jean-Louis Scherrer in your list is a woman's fragrance?!
  6. dwrestle
    I really need to get Van Cleef and Arpels. I have a beard like Lemmy.
  7. Slayerized
    My Top 10 changed..............

    I have put Knize Ten out, for the reason that I hardly wear it (42 years of age, too young?!), though I like it but I replaced it with another gem that I wear more often, especially now in Fall and coming winter! Zino!

    Top 10: In no particular order:

    - Davidoff: Relax
    - Azzaro: Pour Homme
    - Vermeil for men
    - Michael Kors for Men
    - Lapidus Pour Homme
    - Baldessarini: Strictly Private
    - YSL: M7
    - Paco Rabanne: Pour Homme
    - Davidoff: Zino
    - Giorgio BH Yellow for men
  8. seasoldiermarine
    I'll take a stab at this. My top 10 today is :
    Azzaro Pour Homme
    Polo (Classic original)
    Grey Flannel
    Paco Rabanne PH
    Eau Sauvage
    Habit Rouge
    Caron Pour Un Homme
    Halston z-14
  9. Slayerized
    My Top 10 changed again:

    - Azzaro: Pour Homme
    - Paco Rabanne: Pour Homme
    - Davidoff: Relax
    - Baldessarini: Strictly Private
    - Michael Kors for Men
    - Davidoff: Zino
    - Vermeil for men
    - YSL: M7
    - Oscar de la Renta: Pour Lui
    - Dior: Fahrenheit

    Lapidus and Giorgio are replaced by Oscar de la Renta pour lui and Dior Fahrenheit which I both bought recently.

    ODL Renta (reformulation) is really a gem and smells 5x more expensive than it really is. It's longlasting, huge sillage and has an original not dated smell that is very hard to dislike. It also has one of the best openings I ever smelled (together with Paco Rabanne Pour Homme and Eau de Rochas Pour Homme).

    Fahrenheit (older formula) has a not to be imitated love/hate opening that I happen to love and is a fragrance on its own. It's got balls, is macho, herbal and leathery in a good way and it stays on with good projection.

    (I still love Lapidus and Giorgio though)
  10. Nevena
    Those are my top 10 powerhowses, not my top 10

    Rumba by Balenciaga (New one by Lapidus is not bad but lacks the moss)
    Narcisse Chloe an all time fave
    Gucci 3
    Poison Dior
    Samsara Guerlain
    First Van Cleef & Arpels
    Sublime Jean Patou
    Miss Balmain
    Rive Gauche
    Trussardi Donna

    My top 10 masculines are:

    Grey flannel
    Joop homme
    The beat for men Burberry
    Monsieur Balmain
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