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  1. Slayerized

    I am wondering what your opinion is about Zino and Body Kouros?

    You, as a woman, agree that these both (but very different) frags are very seductive on a man, as is mentioned countless times in reviews?
    My girlfriend agrees on Body Kouros but is not that fond on Zino (I think if I were female, I would love Zino on a man though)
  2. Sporenburg
    If I were a woman I would love all my scents on a man. My top-10 is in another thread, but Oscar de La Renta pour Lui has entered my top-10 too.
  3. Slayerized
    Yeah true of course , but I meant actually "love the most" in a seductive! (sexual for that matter) way on a man, not just as a good smell.
    I think for me it would then be Zino, followed by Azzaro ph.

    @Sporenburg (your name sounds 100% Dutch by the way!), what has left your Top 10 for ODLRPL?
  4. Sporenburg
    I really can't remember. Probably Le troisième homme. It's not that important.
    Now if I were a woman and met a dude wearing King Kouros...I would...I would smile at him.

    (but yeah name gives it away doesn't it...actually half Dutch/half Spanish, hence my excellent taste. Indeed also a Slayer fan. )
  5. Sporenburg
    Found the old one, shuffled it a around a bit (nr.10 actually used to be Muscs Koublaï Khan, which I still love but haven't worn lately.)

    1. Azzaro pour homme
    2. Kouros
    3. Yves Saint Laurent pour homme
    4. Esencia Loewe
    5. Van Cleef & Arples pour Homme
    6. Yatagan
    7. Oscar de la Renta pour Lui
    8. Quorum
    9. Jules
    10 Héritage
  6. Slayerized

    Doesn't it always begin with a smile? lol

    Ok, I see, more Spanish or more Dutch? (kun je Nederlands spreken en schrijven?)

    Yeah Slayer rules supreme! Saw them already 11 times live here in NL since the 80's! (and 3x in 2011)

    (and I love Miami Vice as well! Have all seasons on dvd)
  7. Derbyman
    Without completely derailing this thread - which do you rate the highest - 'Reign in Blood' or 'South of Heaven'? I love them both and can't separate them....!
  8. Nevena
    @ Slayerized : Zino is the best woody ambery fougere ever. I love smelling it on someone. Body Kouros is a very gourmand oriental similar to other of it's time - Lolita Lempicka, Rochas man and so on. I read somewhere women are attracted to foody sweet scents on a man and that certainly holds true for me. I followed a guy for a mile to compliment him on his scent and ask him what he wore (Joop homme). I only started appreciating more austere, bitter and perfumey masculine scents recently. I even prefered when a man wore a feminine scent . I appreciate a strong sillage and projection and a trail after a man. My late stepdad was a perfume connoisseur and had Jule, Macassar, Yatagan and many others on his table. They r not my top 10 because I'm so used to those and they seemed familiar and common. Also - culture and ethnic origin matters. I noticed in some countries people wear light, citrus or nothing and in others they prefer heavy sweat scents.
  9. Hordak
    Gentleman by Givenchy
    Zino by Davidoff
    Antaeus by Chanel
    Bois Du Portugal by Creed
    Opium pour Homme by Yves Saint Laurent
    Escada pour Homme
    Trussardi Uomo
    Bel Ami by Hermès
    Santos by Cartier
    Tie between Lagerfeld Classic & Quorum at the moment
  10. Slayerized
    @Nevena, thanks! Good to have a woman in this group who loves male powerhouses as well!

    @Derby, first of all who cares that the thread goes a little off topic..........It's not mandatory (suicide?! to talk only about top 10's, is it,......
    Second.......pfffffff.........those two albums are quite different............after RIB from '86 and 3.5 (studio) albums of mainly fast speed metal (the fastest at that time) they came in '88 with a slower album I can remember I really had to get used to! Also the first that lacked the Satanism in the songs and were more about war and serial killers (as Arraya for the first time did some lyrics as well!). For me they are not to be compared to each other. I like as well the new (after 2000) and the old (school) Slayer but I prefer the most the first 4 albums! All equally much as they all have good memories for me and musical they are all good in its own way. Show no mercy was revolutionary at that time (so fast!) and was new/heavier compared to the fast Venom at that time. Same counts for Kill 'em all (Metallica) and Bonded by Blood (Exodus)........all legendary '83 albums. Then Hell Awaits from '85 that was again different as most songs to me are works of art as they are not just 3 mins long but almost all over 5/6 mins!! So, not to be compared. Then Reign in Blood in '86 what is to most the best thrash album ever made and probably they are right. 10 songs, so brutally well produced (compare the sound to SNM or HA), aggressive, well made (hear them loud with head phones on) with magnificent drums by Lombardo.......well what can I say. Musically my favourite for sure, despite hearing it 100000 times already! When u finish it, u don't know that it was only 28 mins something, lol. Then S O Heaven......produced a little colder in sound but still fulll of depth with again a magnificent Lombardo (his drum parts on this album are even more fav to me than RIB). A brilliant album and not to be compared to the first three. (Ghosts of war is my fav song). Songs are a little slower and different on lyrics but it's a monument on its own. So all these 4 are for me the best. The other albums are also damn good but that's a different discussion.

    Last year I saw them 3 times and last time was in Effenaar Eindhoven July 12! That entire concert is in 5 parts on youtube and in part 5, at the end, after Angel Of Death you can see me standing and shouting very clear in front of Kerry King at the front of the stage with my 42 years of age, lol! Pretty funny! (ah wait, I was still 41 then!)

    Show no mercy!
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