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  1. Slayerized
    Based on only old school powerhouses (so A-men, Joop! and Bogart PH not counted) my Top 10 would be: Out of what I currently own:

    - Van Gils Classic
    - Kouros
    - Van Cleef & Arpels pour homme
    - Lapidus pour homme
    - Antaeus
    - Versace L'Homme
    - Quorum
    - Davidoff by Davidoff
    - Francesco Smalto pour homme
    - Sung Homme

    I left Vermeil out as it's similar to Davidoff, and Drakkar Noir, Azzaro ph and Paco Rabanne ph as they are no powerhouses in current formula imo.
  2. hadrian
    A powerhouse countdown:

    10. Polo RL Green
    09. GBH Giorgio for men
    08. Bijan
    07. Kouros YSL
    06. Heritage Guerlain

    05. Quorum Puig

    04. Hugo Boss Number One

    03. Paco Rabanne PH

    02. Azzaro PH

    and, finally, who can forget...

    01. Gentleman Givenchy
  3. dwrestle
    Classic Match Drakkar Noir
    Perry Ellis 85
    Jivago Connect
    Boss #1
    Classic Match Polo
    Azzaro PH
  4. Slayerized
    My current Top 10 overall:

    - Dolce & Gabbana pour homme (vintage)
    - Paco Rabanne pour homme (vintage)
    - Lalique: Pour Homme edp
    - MPG: Santal Noble
    - Guerlain: Vetiver
    - Guerlain: Heritage (edp vintage)
    - YSL: Kouros
    - Davidoff: Relax
    - Gucci: pour homme (2003)
    - Loewe: Esencia

    Only Kouros is in my Powerhouse Top 10 as well in my overall Top 10
  5. bigsteve
    @ Slayerized... thought I'd see VC&A PH in there.
    And was interested to see Esencia Loewe on your list. I've just gotten a small .17 oz sample of this, and it is pretty good.
    Might be my next purchase. Will play with the sample a bit more first, mainly to determine longevity.

    My overall top 10 would include these powerhouse frags:
    VC&A PH
    Bogart PH
    Sung Homme
    Giorgio BH for men
  6. Slayerized
    VC A PH is not in my overall Top 10 but surely close to it as it's an awesome frag.

    So is Tsar, Azzaro PH, Givenchy Vetyver, LIDGE, Francesco Smalto, Oscar Pour Lui, Van Gils, Vermeil, Revillon R, Givenchy Gentleman, Zino, Fahrenheit, M7, Insense, Molto Smalto, Chevignon, Michael Kors, Bogart PH, Escada PH, Eau Sauvage and u name it, but I can only put 10 here, lol!

    @Loewe Esencia: Besides the awesome smell of this perfect green blend, longevity and projection are above average imo!
  7. bigsteve
    Slayerized.... I blind bought ODLR pour Lui, and for the life of me cannot tell it apart from One Man Show.
    And along with the Esencia Loewe, I got a 1 ml sample of Francesco Smalto PH. This is an interesting one. A little "dirty," but interesting and different. Need to evaluate it some more.
    Hope all's well with you in NL.
  8. Slayerized
    One Man Show is nothing like Pour Lui, imo. Not even the same range of fragrance.
    The blast of artemesia and basil is not related to ODLRPL and they smell completely different. I smelled OMS and did not like it at all (way too sharp) and I loved and still love ODLRPL from first sniff.........

    FSPH: If you like Drakkar Noir or Tsar you will love this for sure as well as the big, heavy but very wearable brother!
    It's heavy in the opening (also with the anise) but turns more smooth quickly and lasts a long time! I wrote a review on FSPH.
    I own 2x 100ml bottles of the stuff!

    1ml of Esencia is not much..............use it well lol!

    All ok here, thx!
  9. bigsteve
    Yeah, I swear.. with the OMS and ODLRPL, if I have a bit of one on one wrist, and a bit of the other on other wrist, I can close my eyes and smell and cannot tell which is which. And generally my sense of smell seems pretty good, but maybe not with these 2 frags.
    Actually, the Esencia I got is a mini, about 6 ml or so. The Smalto PH is 1 ml. vial. I will look for your review on FSPH... and 2 100ml bottles of the stuff?! Yikes!
  10. Slayerized
    Here my review on FSPH:

    I bought two 100ml bottles like 1.5 year ago of this old 80's powerhouse due to all reviews I read, not being able to test it.
    It was not in vain as I really love the stuff! Ubermasculanity in a bottle! This juice really rocks and contains all powerhouse qualities! It's macho, dark, smokey, leathery, ubermasculine, strong, lasting and projecting! Most powerhouses don't have all these qualities as Shamu points out correctly as they are mostly not smokey and this dark! (assuming the brilliant Tsar is no powerhouse)
    The opening is a mix of lavender, flowers and leather mixed with anise. The anise seems odd but makes this dry fragrance smell pretty different than any other powerhouse I can think of. The anise complements the other masculine notes during opening and smokey heart stage and disappears when the drydown sets in. The drydown which is pretty soft compared to the first 1.5 hour of the opening and heart goes on for many hours lingering around and never seem to leave you which makes it a pretty long lasting fragrance. The drydown is also still smokey with some masculine stuff going on. lots of patchouli, leather and oakmoss are the key players there which keep it dark. As ericrico pointed out there is no freshness at all in this scent but just brilliant boldness in a bottle! To be used in fall/winter only! Longevity is 8+ hrs and sillage above average first two hours and average to close last 6-8 hrs of its long life time. Thumbs up! Rated: 9/10
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