Favorite rock vocalists?

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  1. AromiErotici
    I'm a victim of my generation I guess.

    I always thought Foreigner ( Gramm) and Journey ( Perry) had the 2 top vocalists in the biz. There are bands I preferred over them, but these guys had some terrific pipes.

    Who's yours?
  2. Surfacing
    Nice choices Aromi.

    For myself, I have always liked the voice of Scott Weiland ( formerly of Velvet Revolver and now back with Stone Temple Pilots). Different time period than you choices for sure. But from the first song I heard Weiland sing, I was hooked. Of course it has to be more than the voice that draws me in, but it makes a difference for sure.

    My other favorite, someone whom I can appreciate more than Weiland, is Tom Cochrane ( Red Rider). Just an amazing voice, unique and very underrated. I highly recommend his collection entitled Trapeze ( 2002)
  3. AromiErotici
    I am listening to STP "Sour Girl" right now. I always loved that song. I agree that Weiland is good to go. Too bad about his narcotics problems.
  4. urgetopurge
    In my opinion, Alice In Chains' frontman Layne Staley's voice tops everyone's. His voice, combined with Cantrell's, makes an "electric" sound that I've never heard before. You can actually hear the suffering in Staley's voice (heard best in his Unplugged performance).

    Apart from Staley, I would also say that Sebastian Bach's voice is amazing. Back in the 80's, he had a great range. He still does.

    OH !!! I almost forgot!! HOW ABOUT ANN WILSON OF HEART?! "Ooooh Barracuda" Enough said?
  5. AromiErotici
    Ah yes.....the Wilson sisters. Great voices and some not too shabby guitar playing also. Nancy is an underrated player besides being great looking.
  6. Sorcery of Scent
    Sorcery of Scent
    Joey Tempest and David Coverdale are my two top vocalists. Both have a tremendous range, and use their voices as an instrument!
  7. urgetopurge
    Oh man. how could I forget David Coverdale!? This guy is just a great singer. He can reach so many notes. And on top of this, he's just a great guy with a great personlity (as I actually met him once and we chat about Whitesnake and a lot of other 80's bands). Can't believe I forgot this,.
  8. Sunnyfunny
    David Coverdale came first to my mind, too. Amy Lee of Evanescence. Aromi, I second Steve Perry. And dare I say, Joe Elliot of Def Leppard. If by great, you mean range-y, Steven Tyler and Sammy Hagar. If by great you mean unique, David Bowie.
  9. lizzie_j
    Many may disagree with me, but Robert Plant's banshee was the perfect complement to the rest of the band's ominous sound. Gave me chills.
    Paul Rodgers of Bad Company....excellent pipes..made for rock and roll.
    I must agree with Scott Weiland and also in the same genre, Chris Cornell.
    Also Eddie Vedder. Deep and vibrato-y. Neko Case with the New Pornographers-- so powerful. Sam Cooke, Stevie Winwood, Paul McCartney, Murray Lightburn of The Dears, Morrissey, another vote for Bowie, Burton Cummings (Guess Who?)..oh so many great voices out there. Too many favorites for me to name.....
  10. Sunnyfunny
    Okay, it would be redundant of me to superlatise anything regarding Led because they are my favorite and have been since I was 14, but I agree 100% on Plant's voice. He's got range and control. He can convincingly sing the blues, the rock anthem, punk, the ballad, and folk.

    In the Paul Rodgers vein...Jack Russell of Great White.
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