Oud caravan n2

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  1. Profumo
    Oud Caravan N 2 is ready and available on our site. It will soon be available also at TPC and the group of Masstika will receive it within days. In trhe meantime I remind that free samples are send with any purchase on our site.
    Oud Caravan N 2 is to the evolution of my first proposal after the comments and suggestions of the perfumistas on this board.
    I have added Laotian Oud to the Bengali one and also a subliminal flowery note (you should guess it), more woods to give substance to the heart and I diminished the spices.
    The result is a somehow nobler and deeper Oud perfume that may also appeal to more people and may also entice the ladies.
    Unexpectedly the new fragrance has a smokiness that reminds the burning Oud, which is what some Oud fans of the group were asking for.
  2. mumsy
    Looking forward to smelling the new version, it all sounds good to me. I hope everyone had a good holiday if you had one, and a happy new year to all.
  3. Puente
    I agree with Mumsy, the notes sound very appealing. It's also nice to see that there will be a blend of Ouds versus just one type. Salaam, if I may ask, is the Laos Oud you're using leathery? I ask because the ones I've tried from Laos have been really leathery but also well rounded.
  4. Profumo
    Puente, the Laos Oud I have is cultivated, I would not call it leathery. I intend to make a small kit of 3 ml droppers with all the ingredients used for the perfume, you will be able to smell them and even to reformulate the perfume at your own taste with the same single notes I have used.
  5. Puente
    Very exciting, I'm looking forward to trying it. Thanks Salaam.
  6. masstika
    Exciting News...I have just received the beautifully wrapped package from profumo for Oud Caravan 2.0. Thank you very much Profumo. Over the next day or two I will be sending them out to the previous testers. Happy new year and wonderful caravan :-)
  7. masstika
    All Packages went out today by mail, so everyone should be getting their bottle in a few days. Mean while I got busy trying Oud Caravan version 2.0 yesterday and this evening, so in case you don't want to prejudiced your judgement you should stop reading now because here is my first Impression :-) and a disclaimer, this is "First"Impression so I reserve the right to change and add to my observations which I will do :-):

    "When I tried it last night I instantly thought to myself "Ahha, so he was able to get rid of those animalic/Barnyard notes". I felt it being lighter than Caravan 1.0. This evening now that I am paying attention to it, the opening notes are strong white pepper-y, minty with a bit of vertiver or osmanthus like and other Green notes and roasted sesame. but green overall. It is quite a departure from the original perfume which I have very little left of it and I keep comparing the two. This one I feel is a lot spicier and less Oud-Y. Actually where is The Oud? I am sure it's there but unfortunately I feel that the oud "presence" has been diminished to a point where i am having a hard time identifying this as a Oud derived mix. There is more plant based musk and less or non of the notes one associate with either Laoisian Oud or Bengali. There is no sharp fecal notes (Lao) or sweet woodiness or smoking notes (Bengali). There is some wet leather scent (sweet sweat?) in the Drydown phase which is just taking place. This a quite conversation, intimate perfume (as I would like to say Elevator-Safe). There is no silage with this perfume; I have it on both arms and I can't smell it unless I raise my arm to my nose.

    This perfume has decidedly moved into the lighter/spiritual level from the original version, but in doing so I feel it has lost it's tethering, it's "raison d'etre". IMHO, I feel that the choice of the Oud is of Paramount important and currently it's difficult to discern. I am going to have to try it again in the day time as I have tried it now at night and the reaction could be very different. Stay Tuned.
  8. Profumo
    There is actually more Oud in this one than in the first one and I smell it even more true to the old Ouds I remember. It is also more tenacious than Number one and so strong that when I wear it I enjoy it for hours. No white pepper, vetiver or osmanthus. The animalic head is still there, I had written here that i did not resolve the problem, but it is less present than before. There is an unexpected smoky-ness in it that reminds very much of the burning Oud. I liked this version very much. The strong head smell is not a minty pepery one but it is the one of the Laos Oud, wich is a over-rich rhum, fermented-sugarcane smell. When I read the comments on the first Oud Caravan I see how different can be the perception of Oud for different people. If you go back to it you will find that some say opposite things, some smell in it what others do not. It looks like almost everybody smelled a different perfume. But all these comments allow me to resmell the perfume in a different way every time.
  9. masstika
    I stand corrected for only you, Profumo actually knows what has gone in the mix. Have you substituted the Bengali Oud with the laos oud or you just added the Laos to the Bengali? I am wondering if it is informative to list the ingredients in Oud Caravan 2 or do you think that by doing so it will influence what and how people perceive the perfume?
  10. Profumo
    Dear Masstika, I added the Laos Oud to the Bengali one. It is exactly as you said, a perfumistas is not a machine to analyse the ingredients, the game would be tedious. Analysing stands in the way of feeling. The only ingredient that counts here is Oud, the others should be invisible. The Sandal wood in this number too is too obvious, I shall diminish it.
    The blending consists in making a new smell with some already existent ones, in which they are all so well balanced that none stands out on its own. It is a team work where every individual is participating in the new entity that is the team. To me a good perfume is not one where the ingredients come up one after the other, but where a unique smell having a real character and cohesion evolutes over time changing but remaining itself, keeping its own personality and integrity.
    Exactly like perfumes blended by nature. the smell of Lavender or Tuberose change when you smell them straight away or after 10 minutes or one hour or 10 hours, but they are distinctly and unmistakably Lavender and Tuberose all the time.
    Making perfumes that smell like something for 3 minutes, then the smell changes into something else , then after 10 minutes it becomes something else, then after 20 minutes then after one hour you get only the end smell of some single molecule like Calone, this is not blending, this is a construction game that any kid can do, but this is the standard of composing perfumes today. This happens for the simple reason that modern perfumes have been stripped of all naturals, the only substances that can give a cohesion to the single chemical molecules and bridge them into a decent perfume.
    Luca Turin had the idea that a good perfume needs the synthetic as a skeleton and the naturals as the flesh to enrich it and give it complexity. My idea is the opposite, the naturals in modern perfumes, mixed natural and synthetics are the skeleton. The synthetics provide the hedonistic, fantastic, exaggerated dimension. Like synthetic peach or strawberry in the icecreams. After experiencing the chemical peach and strawberry children do not want the natural ones who have less taste. They are not as hedonistic, fantastic and exaggerated.
    The Oud Caravan perfume even more than any other of my perfume should follow this philosophy of blending because the aim here is not to make a "new smell not existing before" blended as by nature but to make an Oud blended as by nature where all ingredients loose themselves happily becoming Oud themselves.
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