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  1. autumngleeman
    Hi everyone. anyone. I think it would be interesting to discuss fragrances with other goth types. I'm curious about what our shared tastes might be and I would like to pick your brains. Not literally.

    My name is Anthony, I live in Denver, and I enjoy goth/industrial music (among other things) and I go out to goth clubs maybe twice a month or so. I don't really dress up, but I have a decent selection of black casual and formal wear for nights out. I have a passion for 19th Century Romantic Literature however. From English Romanticism to German 19th century philosophy to American Transcendentalism and Victorian writers like George Eliot and Charles Dickens. I am a philosophy and comparative lit major and my focus is (of course) 19th century lit and thought. I'll be a specialist in these things someday. I also love gothic revivalism and the Pre-raphealites. Anyway, I am writing a book on the side.

    I'm still working on updating my wardrobe, but my more "gothic" things right now seem to be lumiere noire pour homme, royal delight, opus 1870, rose 31, Creed Windsor, voleur de roses and cdg 2 man (smoke and candlewax smelling). Cdg 2man is my moody october/halloween scent of choice especially. I don't really like to wear Avignon, but it does smell nice; it smells good for around the room but not on my body. I don't like strong incense on my body; this is the long and short of it.
  2. autumngleeman
    Anyone? Heeeelllllooooo.......
  3. autumngleeman
    Anyone? Heeeelllllooooo.......
    Trip out!

    I'm getting my PhD in the literature of American occultism - so I see some common interests already!

    I went out to clubs a fair amount when I was living in Los Angeles, and my husband and I DO enjoy dressing goth!!! But now we're living in a small town in the Pacific Northwest now, and the clubbing options are rather slim.

    I'm a long-time fragrance afficionado and have just started experimenting with blending. I've patronized the Perfumed Court for years and have spent a fortune on samples to expand my library and palette - and now I'm more excited about raw ingredients.

    For example: White Lotus Aromatics has a Lapsang Souchong CO2 for sale!!! Now if that isn't goth ... I think we can probably agree that SMOKE is a big component of the goth wardrobe. I've been experimenting with Birch Tar at home, it's got a fantastic smokey bouquet but is way too BIG to work with, it just devours everything else around and has amazing tenacity, so I'm experimenting with a 10% dilution.

    Looking forward to more goth/perfume chat!
  5. autumngleeman
    Very nice! Sorry it took so long to reply, I have been used to not seeing anything here. I enjoyed reading your post. I'll try to put up more posts, I only wish we had a few more members. But stay posted.

    Historical occultism has always been an interest of mine too. What interests you in occultism specifically? I've met many goths who have interests in occultism, but I've never met one who was pursuing it strictly academically. That's very interesting.

    It sounds like in some ways you might be beyond me with perfume; I've never taken the next step into blending and then crafting perfume. I'm strictly just a collector. Do you know anything about Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab? I've been curious for many years but I have yet to try their offerings. I think i have avoided them because they don't maintain in circulation what they make, and if there is one thing I don't like, it's discovering a great new fragrance and then having to deal with the fact that it won't be continued and that what I have is all that I will get. Thanks for your reply, and welcome to the group!

  6. autumngleeman
    double post
    Hey there!

    BPAL used to maintain a New Moon/ Full Moon trunk sale event at their warehouse in North Hollywood and I checked it out. To be honest, a lot of it smells like candle grade oils kind of haphazardly thrown together.

    But you sure can't beat them for goth marketing ... they've got that demographic all sewn up! My main problem with them is that they have waaaaaaaaaaaay too many products, so there is a lot of overlap between them and also a lot of crap to sort through. They do have some nice blends, but very high concentrations of synthetic oils tend to prompt allergies in me so I use them sparingly.

    May I suggest that you order samples of the "Are you afraid of the dark?" collection by Opus Oils? They're all delicious and complex and goth-friendly, I would say. They are one of my favorite houses and absolute champs as people - if you're ever in LA, a visit to their salon is a must.

    Let's keep this going!
  8. Fainting
    Let's see if they'll still bite...

    Just out of the baby bat phase here. I'm a dark waver and post punk, but I have a passing interest in industrial music (Skinny Puppy were my first love, and Einsturzende Neubauten have firmly lodged themselves under my skin). On the side I enjoy more traditional punk, glam rock and new wave. I'd say my expression of goth comes through my interest in horror and elegance in the grotesque... does that make sense? Unfortunately I don't really know any other goths and our local goth club closed down just recently. We're a dying breed where I live (though psychobilly flourishes!).

    I too greatly enjoy gothic literature and I have a degree in literature with honours. The same concept above applies, though naturally "gothic" implies something more specific than that. Modern gothic, Romantic and Victorian gothic are my favourites alongside post modern writing, though there's few of those I can really vouch for as "gothic" in the literary sense. I am writing a book as well, but it's less gothic and more involving a few goth concepts and characters.

    Anyone enjoy Suskind's Perfume on that note...?

    I am new to the perfume world and as broke as it is in goth culture, so my town is somewhat broke in perfumes. I've taken a barely explicable liking to the Dali scents which are available to me. I am travelling soon though so hope to try a number of others! I'm very interested in scents that incorporate unconventional odours, especially ones that provoke emotional reactions beyond the standard scent intentions. The idea of smelling elegantly repulsive is very appealing to me... unfortunately my nose is not very delicate, so I can be a bit heavy-handed when it comes to describing things, but the theory and language behind it all is gorgeous.

    When I first looked here for "gothic scents" I was specifically looking for anise scents - little more gothic than absinthe. While scents based around those are certainly a little too sharp and clean for your usual goth, and I've found for me too, I think they have their place all the same.
  9. Fabio Luisi
    Fabio Luisi
    Hi, I am a musician, living in th US, interested in gothic literature and fashion and style of life (I am not a goth, though). Interested in perfumes, so a connection goth-perfume is new to me, therefore interesting!
    Please accept me as a new member!
  10. Fabio Luisi
    Fabio Luisi
    To Fainting: try "Petite Mort: Parfum d'une femme".
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