Oud caravan n3, the project is ultimated

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  1. Profumo

    The small sampler that I have send to all the basenoters who commented on the thread of Oud Caravan N2. It contains a vial of each of the 3 versions.

    Oud Caravan is ready. I have reached a result of which I am satisfied and happy.
    For me I have reached my goal. A rich, lushful fantastic Oud.

    I present the public with an authentic full fledged Oud whose wildest notes I have tamed so that it can become acceptable to a larger number than it would normally be.
    Oud is not a perfume for all. It is not easy to wear, you must have a lions heart. If your inner force is weak you will not bear it. It is the perfume of the Bedouin princes of the desert.

    I tampered the excess of roughness that a real good oud has. A good Oud to me should be extremely powerful and long lasting. The initial heaviness is a natural characteristic in a long lasting Oud, but the beauty of Oud is in the heart and end notes. The head scent has to be overcome by the wearer and not all have the energy for that.

    My aim was to smooth and temper the initial notes and energy. Oud is comparable to the date tree of the Arabs, it is difficult to climb to because of the dangerous needles of its leaves, but when you overcome this, you reach a treasure of sweetness when you get to its fruits.
    It is more easy to enjoy the date tree by sitting under its shade than by climbing it and eating its dates, likewise it is more easy to smell the sillage of a person wearing real Oud than to wear ti oneself.

    Oud Caravan N 3 is like a date tree where the leaves have been cleaned of their sharp needles so that the treasure of sweetness of the fresh dates is easily at hand.
  2. Igor01
    Thank you, Profumo, for daring to do something this bold and unconventional. I can't wait to sample the final product and test the strength of my heart
  3. Profumo
    Dear Igor01, the strenght of your heart has been already tested with the precedent versions, particularly the number one. You have the strenght.
  4. masstika
    Congratulation Profumo on this wonderful idea of Packaging the 3 versions as in a Caravan or a journey of scents I would like to congratulate you on the aesthetics of the outer shell (the packaging) and I await with anticipation to smell the final version. As a teaser, can you give us a little insight on what direction have you taken it since Version 2.0?
  5. Profumo
    Dear Masstika, the parcel should be arrived to you by now. I prefer not to say anything and to let you judge the result.
  6. masstika
    Indeed, I have just picked them up and I shall be re-sending them out shortly
  7. Gov
    I have curiosity and delight certain smells. Perfume is alive. Right now I am into to the precious woods. My supply of edible smelling aged sandalwood graced the marble floor jumping out of my hands.
    I have not had the privlegde yet to smell oud/agarwood and am excited. I spend so much on my oils, it's been beyond my reach.
  8. Profumo
    Welcome to Basenotes and to our club, Gov.
    You can get a free sample of the first Oud Caravan from TPC. Read "The samples" at this page http://www.basenotes.net/group.php?d...270&do=discuss
  9. Marco Aurelio
    Marco Aurelio
    YES! Finally,at last,someone has done the "thing" as I had always dreamed:"The beast is out"!At present the Oud Caravan serie stand alone in the ultra-niche perfumery world:nothing could be compared to this.
  10. Profumo
    Marc Aurelio, it is more than a beast it is a mythological Dragon, who is the fearless knight that will ride it?
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