Bulgari pour Homme Extreme

  1. MonkeyBars
    This one features citrus, green notes and tea, along with lots of pine and musk, and a bitter note some say resembles celery. I am intrigued. Anyone care to comment?
  2. odysseusm
    That's interesting, MB. I looked at the notes list and I liked what I saw. I own Bulgari pour Homme <regular> and it is a pleasant, green-tea scent. I will have to check out the Extreme version. Maybe others have comments to share.
  3. bigboyadamj
    I love Bulgari pour Homme Extreme - it is the juice that really piqued my interest in fragrance. It opens with a nice grapefruit blast, which yields to a melange of green and woodsy notes. It is by no means "Extreme". Rather, it is demure. I don't get any pine or celery. Overall, it is a very pleasant fragrance that, I believe, works well in any season and situation. You should definitely try Bulgari pour Homme Extreme...it won't blow your mind, but it deserves attention.
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