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  1. Karenin
    Welcome to the new group where we share our passion for all Hermes fragrances. Let´s start off with a simple question: What´s your favourite Hermes fragrance?
  2. Veroniché
    Ambré Narguillé
  3. eleftheria
    so many fragrances so little time....
    i'm torn between "eau des merveilles " and "concentree d' orange vert".... any votes?
  4. RingER
    I just fell hard for 24, Faubourg. Also lots of love for Jardin sur le Nil. Vintage Amazone rocks my fume world too. I have not tried most of Hermessence line, but that will be remedied soon.
  5. Windblownhair
    Un Jardin Sur Le Nil.
  6. Beach Girl
    Beach Girl
    Hello everyone,
    One of my favorite Hermes fragrances is Elixir des Merveilles. I don't own this one yet but it is definitely on my wish list.
  7. edshepp
    Some older version of Bel Ami, I think I would have to say. As for contemporary frags, maybe the present version of Equipage. (I think I like it better than the older version, which I remember as being more subtle--softer or oilier. Now it seems brighter and louder, but I think I like it better).
  8. coolmartini
  9. coolmartini
  10. MelbMan71
    Hermessence Ambre Narguilé. I've just started my third bottle. I always get positive comments when I wear it.
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