Does TABAC ORIGINAL smell like tobacco to you?

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  1. shamu1
    This seems to be a common debate when there's discussion of Tabac Original, usually the EDC version: do you think it smells like tobacco?

    If you look at Maurer & Wirtz' website, tobacco is not listed as an ingredient in Tabac. Yet there has to be some connection to tobacco with this fragrance, since "Tabac" means "tobacco" in French (even though Tabac Original is a German fragrance).

    I never thought Tabac Original smelled like tobacco until I began wearing Acqua di Cuba (by Santa Maria Novella) regularly. Acqua di Cuba is the purest representation of the tobacco leaf note I know of - it smells smooth, wet and golden, with few spice or wood notes to embellish it. After smelling AdC, I realized that this is the type of tobacco note that Tabac Original was trying to emulate, only without the use of tobacco essential oil. If you've smelled Acqua di Cuba, I think you'll know what I'm talking about.

    Also, the middle phase of Tabac smells dark brown and warm, and I think it smells like old pipe tobacco smoke left on a shirt or sweater.

    So, do you guys think Tabac Original smells like tobacco?
  2. dwrestle
    You know Tabac Cologne does give me a very comforting tobacco vibe(I don't know why I find it comforting). It isn't an in your face tobacco like Havana, Cigar, Vermeil ect, but there is something in Tabac that makes me think of tabacco.
  3. shamu1
    The way you describe it is exactly how I experience it. That's a great way of putting it.
  4. Slayerized
    You are starting to become a tabac expert!
    I still didn't find out how it exactly smells like and your Acqua di Cuba review only confuses me more about what a tobacco smell actually smells like.
    Maybe I must smell a tobacco leaf, which I never did.
    One thing I know for sure I like all frags (I own) with tobacco in it! Tabac, Vemeil, Bogart ph.

    Also I read a tobacco smell can be created while actually there is none!
    Many people talk about the tobacco note/accord in Dolce&Gabbana ph (vintage) while no tobacco note is listed in the pyramid but is caused by a lavender + cedar + sage combo, which creates absolutely the best tobacco-like note.
    For me DG ph vintage has the same vibe as Bogart ph.
  5. Slayerized
    Actually on Fragrantica there is also no tobacco listed for Bogart Pour homme.............
  6. shamu1
    I've been dabbling recently in making my own perfumes, so I've been on the "Perfume DIY" forum a lot recently here. I've learned a lot from it, and one thing I have learned is that a perfume NOTE is often different from a perfume INGREDIENT. For example, Pino Silvestre is a pine perfume with a pine note in it, yet there is no pine ingredient in it. What you have is a pine accord, made up of wood and herbal notes. The same idea applies to Tabac, I think. So Slayerized is exactly right.
  7. Slayerized
    No, you are right and the one I copied the DG ph tobacco accord info from..............

    Good you explained this difference between a note and an ingredient!

    Luca Turin also writes in the A-Z guide that by mixing two ingredients you create a third!! Interesting stuff, which also proves that the possibilities in perfumes are chess positions!
  8. PerfumeCollector
    I can only speak of Tabac EdT since I have not tried the EdC yet, but clearly Tabac EdT does NOT have tobacco among its notes, none I can smell anyhow. But yes, there is a vibe of something that recalls faintly the smell of cigarrette smoke in the clothing.
  9. Slayerized
    The edt imo has for sure no tobacco ingredient in it, maybe it has a tobacco note/accord created by some other ingredients but if so, that must be just small.
    Just like the edc as Shamu explained, though the accord in the edc is way stronger (or less weak) compared to the edt version!
  10. shamu1
    Yeah, I don't smell anything resembling tobacco in the EDT either, yet the EDT does have a smell that I think would go hand-in-hand with the smell of cigarette smoke. It smells like a smoker's fragrance, like most power scents. I should start up smoking again, just to see!

    That EDT gets a bad rap. Sure, I think the EDC is better, but the EDT is still good. I think it's definitely worth owning both, and I'm glad I have both in my arsenal. I think I'll wear it tomorrow.
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