Best drum solo you will ever see

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  1. AromiErotici

    Say what you want about Neil Pert, but he's the best that ever did it.:toppie:
  2. Surfacing
    When I read this thread title, the first thing that came to my mind was the drummer of Rush
  3. urgetopurge
    Surfacing, you took my post. I was going to say the same EXACT thing.

    this is one of the sickest drum solos. Peart is THE best drummer in the world. I know there are fans of Moon, Bonham, Buddy Rich, Barker, Van Halen, Portnoy, etc etc but they just don't have the same sense of rhythm as Peart. Kinda like Hendrix vs. Clapton, Townsend, etc etc. Hendrix just mixed blues with rock like no one else. Peart just has a way of drumming that really throws the unexpected at you unlike the rest of them who follow the constraints of the musical beat (although damn well). For example, when you'd expect a double beat, Peart somehow throws in a triple beat that makes you say "Wow! I would have never expected to hear that!"
    Theres number 1 and there is everyone else that follows and Peart is the number 1. Sorry Keith Moon fans.
  4. lizzie_j
    Thanks for the link.
    I saw Rush back in the day, but the venue was awful and sorry to say I was not entirely intact..
    Great solo.
    I must say that for pure joyful knock your socks off exuberance I prefer John Bonham. I know he may not be technically the best there is, but he sure moved me.
  5. Sunnyfunny
    He was the first that came to my mind as well, Surfacing.
    I heard a rumor that his sticks actually leave his hands he is going so fast.
  6. Sunnyfunny
    Lizie, did you get to see Bonzo's Montreaux live?
  7. AromiErotici
    In the 1970's, there was a band called Black Oak Arkansas with "Jim Dandy Mangrum" as their lead vocalist.

    Very mediocre band that toured successfully for years BUT their drummer was an absolute bombdropper. An absolute standout and about as good as you can get. Pity that he toiled away in that particular band.
  8. anais
    I saw your link and I was so excited to share it with my husband (he's a musician, jazz bass player). He didn't make a grimace while listening. He smirked, searched in youtube and let me listen to this:

    I was mesmerized, my eyes rolled in my head and at the end I was looking like this in the middle of the tune and at the end like this

    Just wait until he has his solo at the 4:10 min. He seems to play so easy, delicate but with a incredible dynamics and speed. His name is Billy Kilson (Chris Botti's band). According to "he's one of the very best drummers on the planet":
    Here's another solo:
  9. AromiErotici
    He is awesome for sure. Thanks for the link and exposing me to a great new talent !!!
  10. urgetopurge
    Wow! Thats all I can say about that Kilson guy. Completely blew me away. My best friend is a drummer and hardly impressed but even he was shocked when he saw this.

    Also, AromiErotici, you mentioned an excellent drummer for Jim Dandy Mangrum. Could it have been Tommy Aldridge? He played with that band in the 70's.

    And finally, here is another video of upcoming talent:

    BTW... he's only 16
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