Best drum solo you will ever see

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  1. anais
    I just found on youtube another Billy Kilson short solo

    urgetopurge, the 16 year old guy has potential.
  2. DarwinHoel
    Bill Bruford and Neil Pert are rocks seminal drummers. Take your pick of solos.
  3. Koi-Sashuu
    1:48 - 2:49

    Paul McCartney - Sgt. Pepper's/The End (Live in Kiev 2009)
    Paul's guitar broke down so Abe Laboriel Jr. had to extend his drumsolo
  4. Beach Girl
    Beach Girl
    I love the drum solo in this song!
  5. physalis
    Oh, the last post from BG is from 2012 kkkk
    Anyway, I love this solo by Eloy Casagrande
  6. Beach Girl
    Beach Girl
    Hi Physalis! Wow, I really enjoyed that drum solo. NIce to see you here! 2vrolijk_08:
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