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  1. Trebor
    This is the place where you can discuss everything about Bourbon vetiver – impressions, best sources and suppliers, general tips, etc.
  2. Trebor
    Bourbon vetiver essential oil, Aqua Oleum

    With a subdued smokiness (far less than the Javanese variety), it possesses a creamy, smooth and mellow green earthiness well into the drydown, with a gritty undercurrent always present. Also, as it evolves, it becomes a little sweeter and exudes soft floral nuances from time to time.

    Long-lasting and rather delightful, especially after the abrasive yeast-like opening.
  3. Trebor
    Bourbon vetiver essential oil, Jean Kerléo

    Smells aged (its estimated distillation year is 2000) and heads straight towards the creamy, nutty and green scent profile that the Bourbon variety is renowned for. Smoother and devoid of the subtle smokiness of the Aqua Oleum version, it seems to take the best of both the Bourbon and Sri Lankan varieties and fuse them together. The oil is a reddish-orange hue and viscous like genuine oud oil.

    Although it tends to stay close to the skin, it's a great indication of what the Aqua Oleum oil might be like after a decade of careful storage. It's suave, mellow and induces serenity with every whiff that greets the nose.

    Enchanting stuff.
  4. lpp
    New to this, but seems well worth pursuing & very grounding - thx
  5. Trebor
    Give it time, lpp, and you'll be hooked!
  6. lpp
    Laptop smells nice at the moment - getting hooked maybe
  7. AlHamr
    It's funny you should mention that lpp, because one of the things I thought I got in the sample of Bourbon vetiver so kindly sent to me by Trebor is hot plastic.

    I'm comparing it with my own Haitian sample and another also sent by Trebor and the only way I find I can describe these is through comparison.

    It's quite subtle when it goes on, and slightly sweeter than either Haitian. The hot plastic/rubber edge comes in the dry down, which is otherwise very smooth and without the flinty notes of the Haitian, or, for that matter, the deep, baked biscuity ones. More creamy. There's also something that reminds me of a wool sweater - very comforting (or maybe that's beacuse all of my sweaters smell of vetiver!).

    Overall, very nice, soft and subtle. I feel there's less going on that with the Haitian, but maybe that's because I'm more used to the Haitian and haven't tuned into the subtlety of the Bourbon. More testing required!

    Edit - now I'm trying it for a second day, against my own Haitian (left wrist, right wrist), I'm getting the same flinty notes as with the Haitian - my favourite bit. Perhaps not as much freshness or citrus notes, but at the same time, less of the, less pleasant, furniture polish that I have with the Haitian.

    Truly, vetiver is wonderful stuff!
  8. lpp
    Actually, AlHamr, it wasn't from Trebor - I was joking that I've used so much of it lately that my (metal) laptop smells of it
    It is from Aqua Oleum, but I can see what u mean - as u say - more testing.
  9. AlHamr
    I realised that lpp, it was just a random segue!
  10. lpp
    Hehe - thx
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