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  1. Trebor
    This is the place where you can discuss everything about Javanese vetiver impressions, best sources and suppliers, general tips, etc.
  2. Trebor
    Javanese vetiver essential oil, Aqua Oleum

    Starting out harsh and earthy, it possesses a smoky tar or yeast-like aroma (think Marmite). It smells extremely rugged and masculine. Eventually, the leathery smokiness lowers its volume as the already present creamy green nuttiness comes more to the fore.

    One where perseverance is richly rewarded.
  3. Trebor
    Javanese vetiver essential oil, Olfactik

    Very much like Aqua Oleum's but a little more reserved. Its evolution is similar but slightly faster and a tad less harsh, with any loudness turned down a notch. Slotting in-between Aqua Oleum's Javanese offering and a bona fide Sri Lankan vetiver oil, it acts as a good compromise for those seeking it.
  4. margefromTN
    I have not had a sample of Javanese Vetiver that I would bring in. All that I have experienced is past is BURNT. The primitive stills used to produce it need careful watching, and it is easy for the water used to evaporate, leaving a burnt botanical. The bext vetivers can have a mysterious smokey core, but should never smell flat out burned, as do most I've seen from Java. (my experienc only, your mileage may vary.)
  5. Trebor
    Thanks, margefromTN.

    I experienced something similar with Indonesian Vetiver essential oil. But, yes, because Javanese is the most common variety available, one does have to be careful.

    Aqua Oleum sells a really good Javanese vetiver oil, which develops very nicely. Unfortunately, they've recently doubled their prices...
  6. Trebor
    Javanese vetiver essential oil, Absolute Aromas

    There's nothing really to report here, apart from that fact that it's a bog standard Javanese specimen. Although cheaper than Aqua Oleum's offering, whether or not it's bottle-worthy really depends on budget restrictions (if any) and personal tastes.
  7. Trebor
    Javanese vetiver essential oil, Mystic Moments

    Probably the worst Javanese vetiver specimen ever encountered.

    It opens with pungent notes of fenugreek and liquorice, as a yeasty and birch tar aura quickly emerges. Initially, it doesn't even smell like vetiver essential oil at all.

    Dark, smoky and undeniably harsh, its overall aroma is closer in spirit to the lower-quality Indonesian variety. It takes a considerable amount of time for it to even remotely resemble what's stated on the label - so much that what's left in the bottle has already been mentally reserved for the trash bin.
  8. Trebor
    Javanese vetiver essential oil, Buff & Butter

    This specimen is more of a cross between the Javanese and Indonesian varieties, with a prominent burnt yeast aroma in the opening. After a while, it does settle down to something more palatable. As always, a creamy woody-green aspect gradually emerges.

    While it's not the best one encountered, it's still a decent essential oil. However, it's considerably lacking in the longevity department.
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