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  1. Trebor
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  2. Trebor
    Ruhul Khas No.1, Ajmal

    Extremely linear without any harsh opening or creaminess apparent. Instead, what is detectable is a fresh vegetal greenness that’s not too earthy – more like mildew or algae (i.e. pond water). It’s also uplifting yet calming to smell, and lasts quite well. Unlike other vetiver varieties, it also possesses a lovely dark green hue.

    An ideal candidate for those who want a vetiver essential oil that's utterly green, rather than smoky and/or creamy with green facets.

    Ruh Khus, White Lotus Aromatics

    Almost smells exactly like Ruhul Khas No.1, with the exception of an unattractive (and sometimes intrusive) asparagus-like note that never completely goes away. Personally, the Ajmal version is much preferred (and it also lasts considerably longer on the skin).
  3. AlHamr
    Hello, I'm no expert but would love to join in.

    This was from Attarpark on ebay. It was labeled as "Khus oil". Colour is deep green. Initial opening on skin is really strongly peanuty (perhaps what Trebor refers to as "fresh vegetal greenness"). Much less of the iodinic/dark earth notes found in my Haitian vetiver sample. Neither is the opening particularly warm. The warmth builds later, with some sweet-spiciness. The drydown is also not as rich as my Haitian sample. The peanut note stays just discernible for quite some time. All in all a more fresh, transparent version of vetiver.
  4. Trebor
    AlHamr, even though I don't find Khus vetiver as tenacious as some other varieties, I found it to be longer lasting than the Haitian vetivers. Maybe my dislike of the Haitian drydown may have affected my perception of their overall performance, I don't know for sure.

    Your description sounds spot-on, though! You should try either Sri Lankan vetiver or wild Indian vetiver for a more prominent nutty vibe.
  5. grabuge
    Concerning Ajmal's Ruhul Khas No.1, does anyone know wether it gets better with age, like other Vetiver oils reputedly do?

    Thanks in advance for enlightening me.
  6. Trebor
    Hi, grabuge.

    Ruhul Khas No.1 should be no different from any other vetiver essential oil. So, yes, it should.
  7. AlHamr
    With only the two to refer to, I have to admin the Khus is impressively long-lived - easily 12 hours for a good dab. I don't think I need longer than that. Still prefer the haitian though!
  8. grabuge
    'Hi, grabuge.

    Ruhul Khas No.1 should be no different from any other vetiver essential oil. So, yes, it should.'

    Thanks, Trebor.
  9. Trebor
    Rhus Khus, Pure Incense

    This one's very different for two main reasons: colour and aroma.

    Colour-wise, it doesn't possess the typical dark green hue, normally associated with this variety of vetiver oil, but is a murky brownish-green instead.

    As for the aroma, a damp smokiness briefly makes an unexpected appearance, before a crude vegetal sweetness seeps in. It's only after a few minutes that it resembles other Rhus Khus offerings. The mildew aura is vaguely present, but it also exudes a noticeably sweeter, creamier and earthier demeanour. Compared to the Ajmal and White Lotus Aromatics equivalents, it lacks the freshness, clarity and greenness of both.

    While its olfactory qualities are somewhat questionable, much more was expected based on the price.
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