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  1. Trebor
    This is the place where you can discuss anything about vetiver essential oils, in general, or even the vetiver roots themselves.
  2. Trebor
    I’ve just come across the following website, which claims to be the only producer of Hawaiian vetiver oil:

    Unfortunately, samples aren’t available and to purchase 1oz worth of this oil would cost somewhere around $150 (that’s disregarding postage, custom fees and the weight vs. volume issue). Ermm... No thanks!

    But, if anyone has tried this oil or has done business with this company, please let us know!
  3. Trebor
    With the immense difficulty in getting hold of any essential oil specimens of Thai vetiver, I've recently been in touch with Eden Botanicals to ask if they would consider stocking it. They've passed my request onto to their suppliers, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

    If I hear anything, I'll let you know.
  4. Trebor
    A word of warning to anyone who purchased some Haitian vetiver essential oil from Olfactik, prior mid-February 2013 - the oil is actually Javanese!

    I ordered some and knew it wasn't Haitian straight away. After sending an e-mail, Olfactik soon replied that some confusion arose between them and their supplier, and confirmed my suspicions that it was of the Javanese variety. The website details have now been corrected accordingly.

    I was fully refunded but, if I didn't have much experience with vetiver essential oils, I would have been none the wiser.
  5. edward t
    edward t
  6. Trebor
    ^^ Hey, edward t, many thanks for posting that. Cool!
  7. edward t
    edward t
    You bet Trebor! I am planning on posting more pics when I decide to run the roots through the distillation column within the next few months (?). I want to make sure it is warm enough at night in Florida to be able to have the plant root after taking the main root mass off.
  8. Trebor
    Just some links, on the health benefits of vetiver essential oil, which some of you may find interesting:
  9. lpp
    Thanks for those links.
    Will come back to you on anti-inflammatory, suspect improvement in skin irritation but a bit early to confirm, also very interested in the Staph Aureus connection (dogs).
    Anyone else?
  10. edward t
    edward t

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