Tawaf custom blending kit: The winner will be sorted on October 26

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  1. spicelover
    What strikes me most about this process is the idea that we can create our own scents within the family of one scent--I liked the idea of a man and woman wearing complementary scents. I like the thought of creating a morning/evening/nighttime version because I find as the day goes on, I seem to crave different scents. You could say one desires a "heavier" scent at night, like standing outside in a jasmine garden, or a "lighter" scent in the early hours when the nose is freshest. I would love to be part of this draw!
  2. d.stramonium
    I missed much of the initial discussion on Tawaf, but am really thrilled to see this new project from Profumo! It has been such a great experience being included in the art of perfumery in such an intimate way through Profumo's previous projects, and this one is no exception. I believe Tawaf really brings us as the consumer to the next step in better learning, understanding, and personalizing fragrances for our tastes! This one promised to be amazing. Kudos to Profumo and those involved for a new and novel idea. I would too very much love to be in the draw to experience this creation process for myself!

  3. Atelier Floral
    Atelier Floral
    What strikes me most... first, it's the idea of juggling with the perfumes, giving the oportunity to choose, making the process of scenting an interractive one, not only passive, from the client's point of view, obliging the client to THINK, FEEL and EXPERIENCE. And second, it's Profumo's intention of educating the public in this wonderful field, yet not too known, unfortunately, that always strikes me.
    I would love to be in the draw, thank you very much.
  4. Profumo
    certainly, you are in.
  5. LegalBeagle
    The ability to be an active participant in something I could/would never do on my own is what draws me to this. I'd love to be in the draw!
  6. bshell
    I love the idea of a perfume in two parts. I am fortunate in that Salaam has graciously sent me a generous sample of the finished Tawaf fragrance. This just makes me all the more curious to learn what the binary components smell like on their own.
  7. mumsy
    I also have smelled Tawaf in its whole self and would be most curious as to its construction in two halves. It is a most interesting fragrance. I can only imagine how intense the actual place and event must be in it's entirety.
  8. francois toulour
    francois toulour
    What struck me interesting about this project is separating the perfume into two aromas. Each wearable separately or together,
    so in essence you have three perfumes. When working making accords it's apparent when things will work with others, then combined to make something new. This was the most interesting aspect of Tawaf.
  9. brimmel
    Have you ever seen the optical illusion of the picture of the young woman, that, when looked at differently, looks like an old woman? I think that's what a kit like this is trying to create: an olfactory version of just such an effect, when the brain is at the tipping point, noticing one thing rather than the other, and then going back and forth. I would love to have a kit like this to see how that effect impacts my experience throughout the day. What is the foreground? What is the background? How does perception shift between these two?

    David (screenname here brimmel)
  10. chumpowie
    I'd love to participate as well. All these years loving scent and have the opportunity to create our own music with basic quality ingredients. Who could say no.

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