Tawaf custom blending kit: The winner will be sorted on October 26

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  1. saraivalmr
    As a researcher in the field of olfaction, behavior and neural circuitry, I would love to participate. I have a passion for perfumes and I am currently studying the effects of odors in innate behaviors, physiology and what are the neural circuits underlying these changes Am I too late?
  2. Profumo
    Not too late saraivalmr, you may also check my site for pages pertaining to olfactory psychology and a few posts pertaining to this subject in my blog.
    This group has also some inedit info on experiments done with animal scents and their psychological effects.
  3. cookedheads
    This sentence: "that perfume consumers have been cast in the role of passive spectators, an audience for ‘professionals’ " was the most captivating notion of the project. As a consumer of beautifully crafted scents, I'm actually quite content to be a passive spectator in much the same way I'm content to listened to beautifully composed music without the need to become a musician myself, but in this case, the idea of being part of a creation process is exciting and slightly intimidating in a good way because the blender, the wearer, in this case, will "own" the end result. If you believe, as I do, that whatever we touch holds the mark of our life in some way, this would be a rather powerful experience to have and one I'd certainly like to have.
  4. Hoppity
    I was so intrigued to read this article. The idea of two people, each wearing their own version of the fragrance, then coming together to form another version is delightful. Completeness and perfection only through being together, a fragrance that only the two of them would know. This also led me to spend two happy hours browsing your website - VERY tempting! As if I hadn't spent enough money on my hobby already ....
  5. lucasai
    That would be awesome to create some perfume on my own!
  6. Profumo
    You are all in, your comments are precious to me to understand what interested you most in a multi facetted project like this one.
    Other Basenoters are still in time, register on the group and post your comment.
  7. alfarom
    Am I too late for this?
  8. Profumo
    Alfarom, in order to enter the draw, suscribe on this thread saying what did stryke you most in the Tawaf project.

    You can read the project story at http://www.basenotes.net/content/1288-Profumo-s-Tawaf
    You are still in time to write your comment and partecipate.
  9. senbei
    What I find most striking about this project is the fluid line between opposite notes, almost a 3-dimensional shape, rather than a binary construction.
  10. Profumo
    Senbey, I do not understand your comment, have you smelled the perfume already?
    The article exposing the project is at
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