Tawaf custom blending kit: The winner will be sorted on October 26

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  1. Sujaan
    I am intrigued. I love the idea that a couple could wear a fragrance "together". It has often been my experience that my partner and I, who both love scents, will be wearing a perfume that clashes with eachother, like dissonant chords. The idea of each being able to wear their own (hey, we all like our individuality) but complimenting each other sounds great. I'm all in to try this!
  2. Profumo
    This is well said Sujaan, a very interesting point, husband and wifes have too many occasions to clash, wearing perfume should not be one more, and chosing perfume together could be the occasion for fine tuning to each others mood.
    You are in the draw with the others, welcome.
  3. chumpowie
    I keep reading references to music in many of the comments. The impact music has on us is strong... but I would venture to say the impact of scent is even stronger. Playing a yin/yang off between two compatible yet dissimilar notes could yield some surprising results. Unpredictable results. Like notes in harmony, the sine waves of music sometimes enhance, sometimes dampen the sound. Our consciousness could be similarly affected by a variable balance of notes in a scent. Love to try it out... in fact do with your scents I've already bought. It's amazing to me how harmoniously they collaborate.

    Hoping to sell a kidney in order to fulfill my wish list for all the things I want to try and use from Profumo.it. The finest of life.
  4. Profumo
    Chumpowie, thank you for these phylosophical considerations and your kind words about my humble fragrances. I wish you the best of luck in winning the blending kit.
  5. Seathinks
    It`s a great idea to create such project and the new way you are trying to change to make two-ways communication between perfumer and his clients is really great. So i would definetely yake part in this project. Thanks for ur ideas.
  6. Profumo
    The winner will be sorted on October 26.
  7. iivanita
    Hi just found out about this new scent, i did hear of Mr Profumo several months ago, when my passion for perfumes started:-) , and i have discovered i love jasmine a lot, i see some people have issues with it, so i think i will love this perfume, i don't doubt the mix of 2 accords is perfectly balanced, if i had an opportunity to choose them every day would be nice, still not sure if my 6 ml opoponax would be left unused maybe hehe

    But wanted to say this for all those people who tell smells have no gender i think they do, if perfumes provoke emotions, i think men and women express their emotions and live their emotions differently just as those 2 accords mixed in various ratios give two different expressions of the emotions, one feminine, another more masculine:-) , so i hope i am in the advantage over men cause just tawaf Mr. Profumo made will suit me well:-)(i base it on the beautiful reviews of the scent) , am i right there? The option to add more opoponax will maybe be more used by men:-)

    Oh i plan to order samples, just wish i saw this group earlier and took part in the interesting game because i just love natural ingredients and don't mind if they smell only 3 hours, quality over quantity:-)

    Nice regards to everyone from Croatia! Xxxx
  8. akiba66
    Great project Mr Dubrano! I find it interesting that the public gets to participate in all phases of the perfume creation process. I am also impressed by the innovative ideas that can come from individuals who though not being professional perfumers have great ideas generated by their love of perfume. To me the Tawaf project is a bit like a huge custom perfume creation process with the client not being one person but several at the same time and the custom blending goes on even after purchase of the final product because you can mix the two parts of the perfume to match your own taste!

    Would be great to win a Tawaf kit but if I do not I then need to save up so as to be able to purchase one some day!
  9. Profumo
    welcome to the draw Akiba. The winner will be known on 26 of this month.
  10. Profumo
    The lucky winner, not chosen by a program but by my daughter is....
    write to me your address pcelover at profumo@profumo.it
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