Neal's Yard Frankincense

  1. odysseusm
    Top: lime, neroli, pink pepper, bergamot
    Mid: frankincense, lavender, spanish marjoram
    Base: patchouli, vetiver, myrrh, balsam copaiba

    Those in the UK who like incense should check this out -- it is great!
  2. odysseusm
    It starts with a green lime blast, then quickly develops a peppery and resinous quality. The incense is very good, with a hint of conifer and considerable herbal aspects from the lavender and marjoram. The scent is very dry and quite satisfying. The longevity is good for a natural scent (no synthetics). I recommend this highly.
  3. odysseusm
    Great combo of frankincense and lavender. Brings out the camphoric and resinous qualities of each. Very, very dry. Wears well. Not a complex scent, stays parked in that zone and hey, nothing wrong with that.
  4. MonkeyBars
    Lovin your updates, Ody, keep em coming!
  5. odysseusm
    Thanks so much, monkeybars. I want this to be a living forum, not just a dusty ol' archive.
  6. odysseusm
    I upgraded my BN review to 5 stars -- the scent is that good.
    Green lime and bergamot with spicy pepper. Followed by very dry lavender and a complex, aromatic frankincense, with a herbal note in the background. The dry-down is grassy and woody. The scent gives off a resinous vibe throughout. DRY! And really well done. Very satisfying.
  7. odysseusm
    I need a mood-uplift and this will do it. Bring the green coniferous goodness.
  8. odysseusm
    Mission accomplished: mood lifted. Peppery spice, resinous lavender, dusky marjoram, bright-coniferous frankincense and dark-languid myrrh. Well blended, dry, satisfying, an ideal scent for me.
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