For the cold.

  1. Andrewthecologneguy
    As fall and winter approaches, I wanted to ask if anyone had a splendid layer or blend they've tried in the past. I am looking for some wow this fall/winter. HELP!!!

  2. Scent Samples UK
    Scent Samples UK
    I frequently blend my Tom fords as I truly believe they are designed for that purpose, well most of them anyway. Tobacco Vanille and Tuscan Leather is a definite win with me.
  3. GeorginaK
    Nothing like a thread revival!
    Hi, I'm completely new, and know nothing yet, except what I like, so forgive any gaffs.
    I've layered vintage CIE and Youth Dew next to each other.
    It's very male I think, yummy, like a cedar shaving bowl filled with Tabac soap, an orange stuck with cloves,
    that waft-y overhead thing which I associate with a room full of wealth, and bourbon.
    It's nice on me, but want to go douse my man.
    I really like it.
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