Leonard Pour Homme

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  1. santino
    I wonder why nobody started a thread for this fragrance yet. I have brought 19 fragrances (all leather based) in attempt to choose a fragrance I would wear on my wedding. Out off all, I finalized Leonard Pour Homme. This is fantastically masculine fragrance. Sean, you gotta try it.
    It is in same category as Jacomo, VCA pour homme, Trussardi Uomo, Halston Z 14, Francesco Smalto PH etc.
    Solid herbs and spices, brooding floral notes and thick oily/smoky leather in background. Yeah.. "say hello to my little friend"...
  2. Boge
    I have a small bottle and it is a BEAUTIFUL scent!! Alas, it dies faster than a Republican nominee in San Francisco.
  3. Derbyman
    I have a bottle of this too and like it a lot. It's dark, leathery and different enough to VCA Pour Homme, Trussardi Uomo, Halston Z 14, Francesco Smalto PH and the rest to warrant adding to the powerhouse arsenal. I too find that it doesn't last very well and I usually get great longevity from most things. I've taken to applying heavily (6-8 sprays - and it's a BIG sprayer!) in order to get it to last.
  4. senore01
    Damn that sucks. You find a fragrance that you really like but it has poor longevity. I guess the fragrance house makes out because you need to use a lot more of the juice and therefore buy it more often.
  5. Derbyman
    Even more of a shame with Leonard PH - it's discontinued and rarer than a rare thing. It'll be the first and last bottle I ever buy probably.
  6. santino
    I have not done a full body wearing at all for this bottle because on my wedding, I want to go apeshit on it so that I can have a macho memory of my wedding for the rest of my life.
  7. santino
    Besides, I dont care much about longevity. Whatever fragrance I wear in the morning, I take it along with me and keep it in center glove box of my car.
  8. Boge
    Santino, for a wedding night I recommend this for any problems that may arise.

  9. santino
  10. wsnow
    I've recently been seeing Leonard Pour Homme new all over the place for around $45 USD. This reminds me of the Balenciaga Pour Homme that recently became available again. Has anyone purchased the re-released Leonard?
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