what about R.K. and Sons?

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  1. russian adam
    russian adam
    i did visit two of their web pages / but i was a bit suspicious =) then some one here mentioned them in a good way /

    how is their oils ?

    what about their sinking grade wood?

    have any of you tried it ?

    thank you
  2. acer3
    I would not deal with him. Be cautious of him ...
  3. russian adam
    russian adam
    yes i knew =) thank you
  4. IndianPerfume
    I am not related or affiliated with RKsons but I have ordered from them and I will order again. They supply good raw materials even though I have not tried their wood. You can even ask them for free samples.They have a double super grade of agarwood oil which is excellent for mixing. They have a good rose absolute.

    I think members from here Abubakr and Tahasyed have both used his oils in their mixes or even reselled pure oils so I don't understand what acer3 is talking about.
  5. russian adam
    russian adam
    after testing their samples will let you know about ther chips and oil / INSHAALLAH
  6. russian adam
    russian adam
    last week placed an order , still waiting for tracking =)
  7. russian adam
    russian adam
    i got my samples /
    nice wood / big sample /

    oils low quality comparing to oil from authentic sources/

    dont expect much for this price/
  8. Orgoglio italianO
    Orgoglio italianO
    @russian adam
    Assalamu Alaikum
    Is RK & Sons oil that bad? Taha seemed to love it (Double Super Grade Oil)
  9. russian adam
    russian adam
    Mualekum Asalam Warahmatullah ,
    i think it is regular mid. quality oil from plantation wood / there are dif. batches and you never know some times it is ok , sometimes not /
    about Taha's opinion, i am not sure really , you better ask him /
    my personal opinion - i like their mid. grade wood more than any of their oils /
  10. abdulhakim
    salam alaikum wa rahmatullah
    akhi adam when you talk about mid grade wood is that a $80 for 50g or $65 for 20g?
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