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  1. ericrico
    Hello fellow lovers of Yves Saint Laurent -

    I just wanted to drop a line. I joined this group out of pure admiration, love & respect for the great man he was. It is a shame what is happening to YSL's fragrances since his passing.

    L'Oreal has reformulated virtually every incredible bottle the YSL house released.

    I am here to discuss Vintage YSL fragrances - to me, the classics are all that matter.


  2. senore01
    I could not agree with you more. It is heart breaking to witness what has become of the great YSL fragrance house. L'Oreal is systematically destroying each classic fragrance with cheaper, watered down re-formulations. I also think it is our fault for continuing to purchase these cheaper quality fragrances. I for one am going back to vintage. I remember the days when I could apply two sprays of a quality fragrance and enjoy it well into the evening hours. Like I stated, it is heart breaking.
  3. Francolino
    grabbed 4 old Jazz 50 ml bottles I scavenge in forgotten shops.... Rive Gauche seems to be decent though!
  4. ericrico
    Hello, my friends, senore01 & Francolino -

    Glad to be part of this group! Totally heart-breaking. I joined because I want to make a statement that WHAT you buy today is NOT YSL! It is L'Oreal making profit on the incredible work and artistry that they acquired in the "house that Yves built". I am not going to be bitter, but forthright.

    Like I said - ONLY Vintage bottlings are in my possession now, and I will only continue to buy pre-L'Oreal/"true YSL" fragrance.

    It is the least we could do in this forum - to show our respect & gratitude.

    Francolino - great buy!! Someone asked me other day about Jazz. My comment was simple - go find Vintage and don't waste your money! I cannot attest to Rive Gauche. There is this thread which addresses this - http://www.basenotes.net/threads/287...che-pour-Homme

    So, you may want to get some Original formulation - and soon.

    Cheers to you both,

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