Vancouver, British Columbia Canada

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  1. nsamadi
    All basenoters in the province of British Columbia.

    Friday, August 28th, 2009 at 11:00 am, Lower Mainland, Vancouver.

    Meetup Location: In front of the newly opening (July 10, 2009) Sephora at the Pacific Centre Mall.


    11:00 am - Meet in front of the Sephora at Pacific Centre Mall for an hour exploration.
    12:00 pm - Leave Sephora to walk to Holt Renfrew.
    12:05 pm - Arrive at Holt Renfrew for an hour exploration.
    01:05 pm - One hour lunch/sniffing break (Location/venue to be decided).
    02:05 pm - Start travelling to The Perfume Shoppe.
    02:15 pm - Arrive at the Perfume Shoppe.

    Rest of the day is spent at the Perfume Shoppe.

    Attendance List:
    01) nsamadi
    02) Galamb_Borong
    03) pinkfizzy
    04) sharviss
  2. Sugandaraja
    I'm not 100% sure of my plans this summer, but if I'm at home or in the vicinity of the lower mainland count me in!
  3. nsamadi
    Sounds super! As the date comes closer, do confirm attendance. Hope you're in the city around that time.
  4. Sugandaraja
    Okay, I can confirm I'll be there!

    Also, a Sephora is opening in July - something perhaps worth adding to the "to visit" list?
  5. nsamadi
    Yeah sure, I don't see why not. We could just start there then. It's in the Pacific Centre Mall, where the Shoppers Drug Mart was.

    Anyways, I'll have a more detailed plan/schedule built up as we get closer to the meet-up date. I'll throw this one in there for sure. Thanks!
  6. nsamadi
    Group Considerations

    1) I can change the meetup date to Friday, August 28th because the shops open later (if we get carried away), and I don't know for sure, but Naz only works weekdays at TPC. I'd hate to miss her on Saturday.

    2) I can change the start time for the meetup till later, since I know some of us might be coming from Victoria and I'd hate for some to start taking a ferry at five in the morning. Or vice versa, start it earlier, if you guys have insomnia.

    3) I think Sephora, Holts and TPC covers a wide range of designer and niche scents, but I can throw in other shops we can visit. Any requests?

    4) Anyone know of any good lunch spots nearby? I'm no expert because I'm a Burger King person myself.

    5) I'd like to spend an hour each in Holts and Sephora and spend most of my time sniffing at TPC, but can alter the times we spend at the stores if you guys like.
  7. pinkfizzy
    I'll definitely be coming to the Meet-Up, whichever day it is, since I live fairly close and I'd love to have an actual conversation about perfume that isn't with someone trying to sell me something. (Although I have had excellent conversations with the lovely Nas (sp?) of the Perfume Shoppe, and I've never felt like she is trying to sell me things I don't want.) It would be nice to have perfume friends that I could trade samples with and split bottles, etc.

    I'm excited about Sephora! I suspect that I'm going to spending a lot of time there...
  8. nsamadi
    Great Pinkfizzy. Nice to have you along. I put you onto the attendence list.
  9. pinkfizzy
    Great, thank you! I'll bring along a few samples to give away that people can look through. I'm done with them and they're mostly full, so I figure someone might like them.
    I have samples of:

    Fracas - R. Piguet
    Dzing - L'Artisan
    Vanilia - L'Artisan
    Tubereuse - L'Artisan
    L'Air du Desert Marocain - Tauer Perrfumes
    Eau Fraiche - Bulgari
    Pour Femme - Bulgari
    Eau Parfumee au The Verte Extreme - Bulgari
    Pour Homme - Bulgari
    And I'll probably have more samples by then!

    And I have a small bottle (20ml) of Serge Lutens Datura Noir that I don't like as much as I thought I did, if anyone wants that. Also a mostly full bottle of Youth Dew (67ml) and a bottle of LEau D'Issey EdT (50ml). I'm giving them away, can't be bothered selling them!

    Looking forward to it!
  10. Sugandaraja
    28th and 29th are both fine for me; looking forward to doing some fragrant touristing with you both.

    I'll see what I can bring in terms of a sample exchange.
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