Chicago! Chicago! Chicago!

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  1. Quarry
    For pix and stories about previous Chicago excursions which will educate and excite, click here(s):
    Tang & Ubu's Excellent (Scent) Adventure (April 2009)
    Chi-cocoa Scentsation (September 2008)
    Chicago Scent Me (May 2007)

    I've built a Google map marking fragrance shopping locations in Chicago.
    Link to interactive map.

    Does a morning at the Aroma Workshop sound like fun? That would be one activity that we could make a group appointment for.
  2. bluesoul
    Hey Quarry, Diana (exquisitely me) and I are coming, come Hell or high water. We're both interested in the Aroma Workshop, how many do you need for a group?

    I'm so excited!
  3. Quarry
    Oooo, Diana, it would be a real pleasure to be in your company, I can just tell. Any number of people will be workable, I'm sure. I don't imagine we'd get such a huge number that we'd need to break into morning/afternoon sessions.
  4. bluesoul
    Probably not, at this rate. Do you have any tips or advice on hotels around there?
  5. Quarry
    I'm not savvy about hotel accommodations. Sorry.

    I've just learned that a newly expanded Barneys on Oak Street will now be carrying the full line of L'Artisan products (making up for the now-defunct L'Artisan boutique).

    Link to grand opening blurb here. Barneys was great for perfumes as it was. Can only imagine how stupendous it will be now.

    In updating my Chicago perfumes Google map, I see there's a Barneys on Halsted near the Aroma Workshop, but I have no idea how comprehensive their accessory offerings might be. As our group continues to coalesce and the date nears, we can fashion a more concrete plan of attack.
  6. exquisitely me
    exquisitely me
    *blushing* Quarry, you sweetheart! We're gonna have an awesome time! My nose is itching for August, with so many lovely perfumey places, so many houses I've never tried before... Daniel and I were particularly curious about the Aroma Workshop - I can't get over the prices!

    Its a good thing its a little while off, it'll give us a chance to save up. They can cart me back to Cleveland a very fragrant pauper.
  7. Mossant
    It's great finding this group! I'm a Chicagoan (Uptown) and new to Basenotes and collecting. I just finished putting up my wardrobe today. Count me in for a workshop or whatever.
  8. marczilla
    Hey all just made a few visits today and the new barneys smelly basement is awesome. Ione at Le labo is a total rockstar as are the other lovelies. Also the guerlain set up at needless markup is intense. Just fyi some big deal person from guerlain is scheduled to be in store there on the 25th if anyone wants to go.
  9. Quarry
    Just heard from sweet-skinned Kotori. She's in. So our current head count, which also includes ubuandibeme, is seven.

    Ubu and I are going to have to start formulating a strategy for where to go and what to do at what time.
  10. Quarry
    Possible Aroma Workshop for Sat., Aug. 29: Your group of 6 to 12 will have a wonderful time creating Signature Scents. An event lasts about an hour. We usually host them at 7:00 pm weekdays or 5:30pm Saturdays. Groups smaller than 6 can schedule an event earlier in the day. Everyone is guided through the blending process as the structure of a well-made fragrance is explained-emphasizing fragrance families, complimentary notes and balancing essential oils to achieve the perfect effect. Each participant receives 1/2 oz. perfume oil & 8oz Custom-Scented Bodycare Product of their choice. COST IS $40 EACH PERSON [Alternatively, we could be walk-in customers. Store hours: Mon-Fri 11-7; Sat. 10-6; Sun. 11-5.]

    Proposed Saturday itinerary (have to check with AW owner Ted): (a) Meet for coffee near Aroma Workshop; (b) Do the workshop 10-11ish a.m.; (c) Travel to downtown; (d) Lunch; (e) Hit Barneys & proceed south on Michigan Ave.
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