Colognes for Trip to US

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  1. Scent-e-mental
    BTW thanks Swanky, I didn't know that the liquids needed to be bagged.

    Another question: if I buy fragrances in the States can I bring them back to Australia in by checked luggage even if the bottles are over 100ml? In other words, does the 100ml limit mean 100ml per bottle, or 100ml in total and does this only apply to carry on luggage? I will have a layover in Guangzhou China on the way there and on the way back (nearly 16 hours) I hope the fragrances will be okay and not get confiscated for some unknown reason.
  2. Slayerized
    100 Austr. Dollars for some decants? lol
    I just bought on a trip to Cologne (Germany) four 8ml decant sprayers (glass with transparent plastic in different colors surrounding it) at Douglas. They are beautiful, spray perfectly and were only €1,50 each!!

    (those travalo's are more for work or a weekend away as they are only 4ml, at least here)
  3. santino
    welcome to US Scent! Bring anything you like, just make sure the frags make you cozy (Kors for example) because you can expect to spent lot of time indoors! Try any near by TJ maxx or Marshalls. You never know which discontinued/rare gem you can find on the shelves.
  4. Scent-e-mental
    Thanks Santino, I will definitely try to get to Those two stores. I have read so much about them being the source of rare gems.
  5. Scent-e-mental
    P.S. today while shopping for my trip I found a couple of cheap travallo style atomisers for about $10 each. Cool! The Genuine Travallos are about $25 ea here in Aus!
  6. Slayerized
    Here you can get those Travalos (one 'l') for €5 easily but are those over there also just 4ml?
    In the beginning, when just put on the market they were €9.99
    I own two and they are excellent for short trips or daily re-applications!
  7. Swanky
    Don't quote me on this since I don't work for the TSA, but the 3 oz rule is for EACH bottle. Also, the plastic bags are required for any carry-on luggage; if you are checking all baggage it may be different. Since I live in the US, I almost exclusively carry on my bags. Check the TSA website ( for further info. Not sure what Australia's import rules might be.
  8. Scent-e-mental
    Thanks Swanky. I will probably open whatever frags I buy, so that they are used. I don't think I will have to pay duty on them if that is the case. Slayerized, I think you are correct the Travalllostyle sprayers are about 4 or 5 ml. I put just under 80 sprays of Michael Kors into one of them, but the 10ml atomisers I have take twice that.

    I might take more frags than I initially planned. I found some atomisers I had already filled. One has vintage Givenchy Gentleman, though only about 1/3 full. I have some others with concoctions I mixed up, which I have no idea what they are. Some have mixes of two or more fragrances, which I stupidly didn't label. I might top up the Givenchy Gentleman with an equal amount of reformulated GG. I will try to clean the smell out of the other atomisers, but I know that is pretty hard to do.

    I am really looking forward to visiting TJ Maxx and Marshalls, are there any other places where I might likely find bargains?
  9. PerfumeCollector
    Besides TJM and Marshall's you may try Ross. The problem with Ross is that they usually keep their fragrances inside locked up glass display shelves so you can see them but not touch them and it is a nuisance having to call a sales attendant to unlock it for you.
    Another place you may try is "Big Lots!", usually they have only drugstore colognes (Aqua Velva, Brut, Old Spice) but once in a while you may find a treasure or two buried in the piles.
  10. Scent-e-mental
    Thanks for that Perfume Collector! I am getting a good list of places to visit! Many drugstore fragrances are not available here in Australia, so I will be looking for them, especially the Pinaud range. After many years of buying perfumes for my wife, she has 'cracked'. She is now almost as interested in perfumes as me (for a long time she would politely say "thank you", but not show that much interest...I wore her I will be looking for her especially.

    Before heading to Oklahoma I have 12 hours to kill in Fort Worth before I catch a train, so I can just imagine me lugging around my suitcases looking for a Marshalls, Tj Maxx, Ross or any other likely place!!!
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