Colognes for Trip to US

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  1. Scent-e-mental
    Well i
    I can see that I am going to go over 4 fragrances!

    To date I have decanted:

    Michael Kors
    Kouros (I said I wasn't, but I couldn't resist)
    Salvador Dali pour Homme

    and I am going to have to soak my other decant bottles as they have stuff in them.

    I think I might also take an aromatic fougere, an oriental and possible a decant of Caron Pour un Homme
  2. Scent-e-mental
    So I ended up decanting 8 fragrances, and frankly I am surprised by my choices, but they just seemed to be right. They are:

    Michael Kors
    Givenchy Gentleman (vintage and reformulation blended)
    Salvador Dali
    Caron pour un Homme
    Ungaro III
  3. PerfumeCollector
    It looks you are well equiped LOL
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