1. Francolino
    for men really!
  2. andrew4554
    I love Mitsouko and wear it often and get lots of compliments.
    One spritz on my chest and I am good to go.
    It projects well on me and lasts the whole day....
    I can still smell it in the evening when i change into my pajamas for sleep.
    On me it is deep, warm and enveloping.
    When people ask me what it is I never tell!
  3. Ceecee474
    I don't think it matters what your sex is, if you love Mitsouko you love Mitsouko. Usually when I fall for a perfume it happens immediately. Not so Mitsouko! I tried it about 6 times and each time all I got was a harsh and overpowering oakmoss blast that I couldn't get past. The Seventh time it was all golden and peachy and effervescent. Not sure what happened, but now it's one of my very favorites. She's a shapeshifter, Mitsouko! I am fascinated by this perfume.
  4. emilyade
    I happened across a 1967 Mitsouko tdc cologne 45ml at an estate sale. I am a big Guerlain fan so I opened it. It really is transcendentally beautiful, so rich and complex. However, to my dismay I am allergic to one of the ingredients. I am selling the bottle in near mint vintage condition. I only opened it the other day, but before then it was completely sealed - I can vouch that the juice inside is in great condition for its age with no evaporation, because the seal was intact. I kept the plastic stopper on it as well. If you would like to buy it, I have it listed on eBay - Very sad to see it go, but it's so rare and special I thought someone else should enjoy it!
  5. Shemelimelle
    Mitsouko is unisex to my nose, same as Vol de Nuit, among other classics marketed to women. Jean Harlow wore Mitsouko. Her deceased husband was doused in Mitsouko postmortem. Charlie Chapman wore Mitsouko. I wear Mitsouko!
  6. Shemelimelle
    Woops! I thought I made a typo there. I meant Chaplin!
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