1. Francolino
    for men really!
  2. andrew4554
    I love Mitsouko and wear it often and get lots of compliments.
    One spritz on my chest and I am good to go.
    It projects well on me and lasts the whole day....
    I can still smell it in the evening when i change into my pajamas for sleep.
    On me it is deep, warm and enveloping.
    When people ask me what it is I never tell!
  3. Ceecee474
    I don't think it matters what your sex is, if you love Mitsouko you love Mitsouko. Usually when I fall for a perfume it happens immediately. Not so Mitsouko! I tried it about 6 times and each time all I got was a harsh and overpowering oakmoss blast that I couldn't get past. The Seventh time it was all golden and peachy and effervescent. Not sure what happened, but now it's one of my very favorites. She's a shapeshifter, Mitsouko! I am fascinated by this perfume.
  4. emilyade
    I happened across a 1967 Mitsouko tdc cologne 45ml at an estate sale. I am a big Guerlain fan so I opened it. It really is transcendentally beautiful, so rich and complex. However, to my dismay I am allergic to one of the ingredients. I am selling the bottle in near mint vintage condition. I only opened it the other day, but before then it was completely sealed - I can vouch that the juice inside is in great condition for its age with no evaporation, because the seal was intact. I kept the plastic stopper on it as well. If you would like to buy it, I have it listed on eBay - Very sad to see it go, but it's so rare and special I thought someone else should enjoy it!
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