San Francisco Meet-Up and Shop-Til-You-Drop-a-Thon!!!

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  1. rogalal
    I'm officially announcing a San Francisco shop & sniff day!

    Sat, August 29th

    Who wants to shop?

    PM me to RSVP.
  2. Heartwood
    This schedule sounds great! I would mention Tre Balm on Sacramento Street for Miller Harris, Calypso, i Profumi di Firenze, and Santa Maria Novella, but they're a few miles from Union Square and might be too complicated to squeeze in. Jacqueline Perfumes in Union Square carries a lot of rare, discontinued, and hard to find fragrances, so if there's an interest in that we could stop by there too.

    I love the idea of ending the day at Neiman Marcus. Mr. Zadeh in the fragrance department always makes me feel like Holly Golightly walking into Tiffany's. Honestly, the SAs at Barney's are less welcoming, but those Frederic Malle matter-transportation chambers are must-see.

    Afterward we can all collapse at the Clock Bar in The Westin St. Francis and take stock of our plunder!
  3. kess
    Putting together my wish list for sampling and what I may consider buying...

    * Does anyone know if any stores carry Ava Luxe and/or Sonoma Scent Studio? -- both for sampling and possible purchasing.
    * By Kilian -- if I can hold out long enough, I may consider buying a refill set.
    * I have my eyes on a Parfums de Nicolai (plus I want to smell the entire line!), don't know if any stores carry this line in the city.

    Sampling-wise, I look forward to spending some time with Guerlain, Chanel Les Exclusifs, and Hermessense. Barney's with their niche lines is not to be missed. Would also like to check out Sephora in the city; it's been ages since I've been there.
  4. ooofireballooo
    I'm in Berkeley and I want to tag along with the bay area basenoters! I'm up for some sniffing and checking out those stores, can't say I've done much shopping outside the internet but I am always up for something new haha :0
  5. rogalal
    Kess, I've never been able to find Ava Luxe, Parfums de Nicolai, or Sonoma Scent Studio in SF.

    Though I forgot it in my first post, we should really hit up Jacqueline Perfumes for vintages, pre-reformulation classics, and Amouage.

    Fireball, I'll add you to the list. Can you PM me?
  6. zeram1
    Sounds great! It'll be a day after I return from a two week trip in France (mainly Paris and some of the time in the South). I am already planning on hitting Guerlain, Malle, Caron, L'Artisan, Montale, Serge Lutens, and LeLabo. Can anyone think of anywhere else I should visit?
  7. JitterpigJen
    Hi all,

    I'm a total newbie but this sounds like it would be great fun - and I bet I'd learn a lot in just one afternoon. So if I can make it (and you all don't mind a total newbie asking lots of questions) then I'd love to join you.

  8. PaulSC
    Haven't been active at BN for a while, but I'd love to join this shop/sniff. I'll be driving up from Santa Cruz and could conceivably offer a ride to someone en route (17 to 85 to 280). Nothing too far afield, as I tend to get lost easily in the San Jose area!
  9. PaulSC
    Wow, the "Worldwide Meetup" is just a week away -- I'm really looking forward to meeting everyone who participates in the San Francisco Shop-n-Sniff!

    A little extra fun: If you're interested, please have a look at my Wardrobe and PM me if you'd like a modest decant of anything you see there. I'll bring it with me to San Francisco on the big day!

    [see next post for details...]
  10. PaulSC
    A few ground rules:

    - In case I've underestimated the number of participants, I'll limit this to the first eight who respond
    - A couple of items are off-limits because I don't have enough to share: DSH Sandalo Inspiritu, Knize Ten
    - the size of the decant depends on how much I'm willing to part with (I'll be stingier with my favorites... OTOH you can have an entire 1/2 bottle of Calvin!)
    - alternatively, I have the following nearly-full bottles, which you could choose if you prefer: Yang, Booster, Jovan Ginseng NRG
    - it's best if you can identify a second and maybe a third choice, in case I receive too many requests for the same scent
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