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  1. bigsteve
    I currently have Quorum, Polo green, Bogart PH, and VC&A PH. I'm looking for an addition or two that are sufficiently different from the ones I have. Was considering getting samples of Givenchy Gentleman, Giorgio for men, Paco Rabanne PH and/or Lapidus PH. Something that is still easy to find and not too expensive. Any thoughts from the powerhouse gang? Thanks!
  2. darren1
    salvador dali pour homme. azarro. hugo boss #1. caesars man. kouros. caron pour un homme. boucheron pour homme. you are lucky, there are many scents that are new to you out there! i miss the days of discovering new scents... but for you, try these! good luck
  3. bigsteve
    Thanks, Darren. Any thoughts on the 4 I was thinking of getting samples of, as compared to the 4 I have??
    Actually, I am familiar with Azzaro PH, but consider it close enough to my Rive Gauche that to own the Azzaro might be a tad redundant.
  4. Slayerized
    All the ones u mentioned are worth owning though getting samples of them will be hard I guess, at least here it would be impossible.
    Paco Rabanne and Givenchy are easy to test in the stores as they are for sale everywhere. The others you have to read a lot about before blind buying them, at least that's is how I purchased my frags, however maybe you?! can get samples of it.

    I would add: Oscar de la Renta pour Lui which is an excellent strong masculine fragrance, Davidoff Zino maybe (test that one where they sell it) and Montana Parfum d'Homme which is cheap and really good and something you would definitely like looking at what you already own.
  5. bigsteve
    Thanks alot, Slayerized. Yeah, here I can get samples easily from a couple of places online.
    Zino, I have heard of before, and seems quite popular. I will have to read the reviews of the other 2 you mentioned.
  6. Slayerized
    I'd also suggest after you've done some readings on reviews, write the frags you are interested in down on a piece of paper, go downtown to the stores and see what you can test there as well. Always test on skin (arm; wrist) and not! on a piece of paper.
  7. bigsteve
    Outstanding. Thanks again, Slayerized. And to Darren1 for his reply.
  8. Scent-e-mental
    Hi, Slayerized has made some great suggestions. I would add One Man Show Gold Edition and +1 for Lapidus pour Homme and Salvador Dali pour Homme.
  9. Slayerized
    It also won't hurt you to spray on Tsar (Van Cleef & Arpels) from a tester to see if you like it!
  10. bigsteve
    Thanks for the suggestions, guys. I've been reading the reviews of some of these, and they sound intriguing. That Salvador Dali PH really sounds like something different! In a good way... need to get a sample and see if I can handle it.
    Slayerized... oddly enough, I happen to have a sample of Tsar coming next week or so. Hope I like it as much as VC&A PH!
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