Kyara Incense

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  1. edward t
    edward t
    Hello Japan Incense Lovers. I am looking to invest in a box of box of Kyara incense to keep me company through the winter. I am new to the Kyara scene and am not looking to spend more than around $5 a stick. I have tried the follwing three blends of Kyara

    Baieido : Koh Shi Koko

    Shoyeido : Myo-ho Infinity

    Seijudo : Kyara Horen

    I loved the sting and crackliness of the Myo-ho Infinity. The smoke hits the top of my nose and rides my neurons like electricity and tickles my brain like a holy lightning short circuiting my thoughts..

    If you have any suggestions on a Kyara that might hit my fancy please let me know. If you think there is just a stick that is a muuustt try and available in smaller packs feel free to let me know as well.
    Thank you Kyarazen on the previous input on this from the oudh lovers group. I just did the research on the Seijudo kyara enju. That reads like a must experience at least once.

    Thank you in advance.
  2. Orgoglio italianO
    Orgoglio italianO
    Minorien - Fu-In
    Aloeswood & Kyara :/)

    Yamadamatsu - Houjouh Kyara Firebird Pheonix Selects

    Seijudo - White Chrysanthemum

    Shoyeido - Ten-Pyo (trust me ;-))

    A couple of these my be higher in cost,if to high atleast give them a sample. They are all available at
  3. edward t
    edward t
    Thanks for the input Orgoglio italianO.

    They have the Kunmeido Tenpyo Kyara blend and the limited version Tolusen Kyara Tenpyo on the Japanincense website. Is one of those what you were referring to as the Shoyeido Ten-Pyo in the previous post?
  4. kyarazen

    shoyeido tenpyo is mainly agarwood.. and is clean sweet floaty agarwood notes..

    kunmeido kyara and tokusen, are heavy herbal mixes with good kyara.. in some ways.. its much bolder, denser..

    seijudo's shiragiku (white chrysanthemum) is rich sweet aloeswood.. very pure aloes
  5. edward t
    edward t
    Does anyone know where I can get the Yamadamatsu houjah kyara firebird pheonix select?
  6. kyarazen
    have you sampled it before?

    you can buy directly from yamadamatsu via paypal


    nice people to deal with, fast shipping
  7. edward t
    edward t
    Thanks for the link Kyarazen. I have not sampled it, but the incense has been suggested by two people. I am trying to maximize my Kyara burning experience on a limited budget. It was suggested that perhaps I should buy a gram of pure Kyara and go from there. If my best experience so far has been with the Myo-ho infinity, any suggestions on choosing either to maximize my experience to start out with?

    1. buying a gram of pure Kyara


    2. putting together an order of sample packs such as:
    Mini Kyara Seiran
    Mini kyara Enju
    mini FU-IN Kyara Ryugen or Fu-In Kyara small box
    with the Yamadamatsu Kyara Firebird Pheonix
  8. kyarazen
    if i was in your shoes with that budget, i would definitely get a gram of pure kyara, as it will last me a year of conservative kodo style burning :P

    but on the other hand, if you have enough friends whom have bought kyara incense before, you could consider buying samplers from that you can know the smell before committing to a full box. the yamada matsu gokuhin houjoukoh is quite pricey a box at 18,000 yen, quite a risk if you end up not liking it..
  9. Orgoglio italianO
    Orgoglio italianO
    Edward t
    Has Yamadamatsu's

    They can't have link on their site for some reason.
  10. Orgoglio italianO
    Orgoglio italianO
    Kyara zen,

    I was just more or so thinking of Agarwood types that were easier on the wallet then shokaku for example and others he might like. Tenpyo I believe from the horin series (shoyeido) has a Kyara smell unless I'm mistaking for another horin but I'm pretty sure it smells of that electric sharp Kyara smell,I don't think it has Kyara in it but IMHO it has that vibe for way less money. Ill resniff incase I'm mistaking for circle,white cloud but I'm sure it's ten Pyo
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