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  1. Profumo
    Venezia, Firenze, Milano, Roma, Napoli
    I have started composing 5 new fragrances that will feature these 5 Italian cities.
    It will be called "The Italian series".

    Having lived in Italy for the last 26 years, I would like to interpret the soul of the "Bel paese" with these fragrances.
    The historical spirit of an Italy that is being forgotten, as the country is sinking into fear and awe with the economic application of the "shock doctrine".
    This is my action - reaction to the spreading of the obscure force that is overwhelming the European continent, recalling the timeless song of the Italian people’s soul.
  2. hoschhti
    Bella Italia! Very interesting new project. I have never been to one of the cities but when I was a child, my parents, my sister and me made a few times beach holiday in Misano which is very close to Rimini.
  3. Profumo
    The Misano area is the only one not overcrowded in summer time and is the place where I also go swimming.
  4. hoschhti
    I remember the holidays there very positively. The "Bagnis" with the clean beaches and the nice service (table tennis, seat reservation etc.) and the nice family-owned hotel (Hamilton).
  5. Profumo
    Here is the program about the five fragrances, their names are:
  6. Profumo
    My demand is to English speaking people, do you feel that the names of the citie in the perfume would be better in English or in Italian?
    Venezia, Firenze, Milano, Roma, Napoli or Venice, Florence, Milan, Rome and Nalple?
    Do you prefer the name of the 5 perfumes project to be "Italian series" or "Collection Spirit of Italy"?
  7. drseid
    I vote for the names in Italian (and Italian Series). I would love to participate in the sampling project as well.
  8. kewart
    Sounds like an interesting project Profumo. I love Italy and Italian
    fragrances (Roma, SMN Cologne Classica etc) Personally I prefer the names to be in Italian and the
    series to be called Italian Series.
    If you need any testers for the scents, I will be happy to make comments and give you feedback.
    I think you may have copywrite trouble if you use the names Roma and Dolce Vita as there are already
    perfumes using those names (although not together.)
  9. Prince Barry
    Prince Barry
    I vote for the Italian names too. It adds to the authenticity and projects a more intimate image of the cities.
  10. lucasai
    Yes, I also vote for the Italian names, they'll be much more appropriate for such a project and using Italian will make them more unique
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