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  1. cowcat84
    I think that for those of us who have positive associations with that café culture (including the tobacco associations), this is a wonderful scent. It smells like childhood to me.

    However, my husband thought it smelled like "old man." I suppose that is another childhood association too, and it would make sense that the responses are so different since he and I are from different countries.
  2. bshell
    I feel that "old man" is a very good description. In my case it evokes a well-dressed older man who is wearing an expensive niche perfume.
  3. Profumo
    Dear Friends, I have the new verson of Milano Caffè.
  4. hoschhti
    I am looking forward to smell it! What did you change?
  5. mary in oakland
    mary in oakland
    I received my sample about a week ago and have used it several days. I love it a lot. It is very stimulating, and bracing to the senses. At first, I thought it must have something animalic, because it was so very stimulating, but perhaps that is just the effect of coffee, chocolate and incense on a middle aged lady!! I cannot imagine it with vetiver but perhaps I will try it together with some vetiver I have and see. I love the Italian name. I had thought there was a dark rose note in the perfume, but it must be the clove and spice that gives me that impression. The sillage is deceptive. I think there is none; but if I leave a room, when I return there is a beautiful fragrance still in the air. My husband is not sure about it. It does smell very masculine on him. If this is Milano I cannot wait for Venezia. Thank you so much, Profumo, for the opportunity to try this beautiful perfume!
  6. Profumo
    Thank you Mary for your feedback, tha animalic part is fron Cocoa, Vanilla and Caffè. Some of their most longlasting molecules are very similar to pheromones. If you stay tuned, you may soon receive a free sample of the new Milano Caffè. It is more sofisticated, more Elegant, and also more coffee. I prefer it, the "Ethnic" insiders part of milano is still there but subdued, as any visiytor to the city would see it.
    There is more of the urban, sofisticated, elegant and young fashion Milano in the new version.
    I am curious to see which of the two wins the heart of those who liked the first one.
    By next week free samples willo be at STC and some will be send for free to those in US Canada who have written their impressions on the first fragrance.
  7. mary in oakland
    mary in oakland
    Thank you for replying, Profumo. Yes, my first impression of the perfume was that it had to have pheromones in there, but as you say, there are none. I did not try it with vetiver yet. I am just going to smell it side by side with vetiver tonight. This is a rich and earthy perfume, but as stimulating as it is, it still strikes me as refined. The clove note I get is not medicinal. More like the clove-iness of a dark red rose. I hope to smell the more fashion- oriented formula. I wonder if the coffee could last longer. It seems to give way to the spices and resins too soon, for me!
  8. Diamondflame
    I'm keen to try the new version with vetiver. I wonder which particular nuance of vetiver will be in play. Earthy-rooty or earthy-grassy? I'm also intrigued with the idea involving coffee and lavender.
  9. Profumo
    Diamondflame, I used Vetyver Haiti but Vetyver is not a main feature in the new Milano Caffè.
    I do not give much anticipations about the ingredients because what counts is to have a perfume with a soul. One may mix ingredients and end up with a perfume without a soul. I believe this fragrance has one.
    I have just followed the judgement of the people, I have kept that which was liked and added that which was lacking.
    The samples will be available at STC next week, about the 11 th February.
    They are already available here at
    Those of you who have smelled the first Milano caffè and have commented here, if you are in the US/Canada, you can send me your address by email and You will receive by post a free sample of the new Milano Caffè. Write at
  10. alrenwald
    Hi All,

    Newbie here :-) This is my first posting, and I am very glad it is to join Profumo Friends Club.
    I would like to be included in the "samplers" for the second version of Caffe Milan. I have sent my comments via email to Mr. Dubrana last night.

    Also looking forward to being educated and enlightened about Notes in general. At this point, I judge my perfume selections based on "love", and "don't love". I am enjoying a growing collection of vintage perfumes as well as niche/indie perfumes. I have always been interested in perfumes, but never really thought about "studying" the scents individually and in depth. But better late than never, as the saying goes!

    Thanks, and I am very happy to come out of lurkdom :-)
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