New project, Italian cities...

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  1. lucasai
    And as a cosmetics chemistry 2nd degree student I will be happy to help you in the process of creation too.
  2. OctaVariuM
    I think you should be authentic to yourself, since this is ultimately what you are trying to create here, a picture of the cities you know and love. And how do you know them? Not by their English names I'm sure.
  3. mumsy
    Happy New Year to all. I would stay true to yourself and have them Italian. It sounds more poetic and feels more evocative before you even smell them that way.
  4. Nasenmann
    Definitely the Italian naming.
  5. comfortablynumbbg
    Italian naming of course, it has to be authentic.
  6. Profumo
    "I think you may have copywrite trouble if you use the names Roma and Dolce Vita as there are already
    perfumes using those names (although not together.) "

    Thanks Keward. The names are not definitive, not until the project has been completed. A perfume, like a person, can have several names. It is said seven names.
  7. southerngardens
    Yes I believe that the names should reflect the Italian flavor of the cities.
  8. miguelca
    I think the Italian names would sound much more genuine and melodic. I also prefer "Italian series".
  9. miguelca
    I would also love to be involved in the evaluation process through sampling should that take place. This sounds like a very evocative and interesting project, especially for people, like me, who've visited the cities.
  10. odysseusm
    I vote for the Italian names and "Italian series" for the collection.
    I would like to receive samples and comment on them. I have been to all the cities except Milan, and they are beautiful places to evoke in scent.
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