New project, Italian cities...

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  1. bshell
    Repeat post.
  2. Noodlz
    I vote for all italian names too~ Very interested in what your milan one wil be named / smell like
  3. alfarom
    Yet another vote for the Italian names. Giardini Sergeti di Firenze sounds fabulous!
  4. galwaygirl001
    I vote for the italian names. I would love to be involved & to give feedback on samples! I am from Ireland, but love Italy. I have been going there for holidays for about 10 years - my favourite being Firenze. My husband & I love Italy so much we got married in Firenze in 2007.

    I have been to Venice, Rome, Florence and Naples, but have not yet been to Milan.

    I am really looking forward to hearing more about this project
  5. Diamondflame
    'The Italian series' sounds great! Keep the names strictly Italian for authenticity.
  6. Profumo
    Welcome iivanita, I have uploaded the iconoclastic speach of Guy Robert where you will find his say about perfumes longevity. The salient parts are in bold characters.
  7. 30 Roses
    30 Roses
    I also think you should stick with the Italian names. I'm parents came from Italy and I grew up hearing the lovely language at home.
  8. trex57
    I hope I'm not too late to join this great project. Ive done testing before. I did some for Wooznib(nice stuff) and I am presently testing Secraction for O'Driu. I would love to help out!

    Definitely keep the Italian names. The names allow an individual to mentally picture the city. A good example is Ortigia-Sicilia and their line.

    Cheers Rex
    (Im keeping my fingers crossed)
  9. Profumo
    Welcome Rex, there is time for all to enter until the end of the project.
  10. Bande
    Agreed on using Italian names. I don't think people will be confused, and it adds a nice touch.
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