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  1. iivanita
    Hello Mr Profumo,

    thank you very much for the link! it was fun and funny to read it , i know its easy to imagine perfect things but to create them is completely different thing,
    he compared perfume to the music i must say i have no problem in smelling my perfumes all day long, and i rarely complain about longevity but it really is a special joy when beautiful perfume smells for hours, 3, 5 or even more and thats what people want as well....i can not contradict to any professional let alone Guy Robert,( i like his Gold for women its such a strange perfume, difficult to understand that i am amazed that there are so many people who say its beautiful, it is beautiful but was not an instant beauty, like Miss of the world,its more like beauty of character, and uniqueness),
    but i know when i apply more sprays of something it will smell stronger , longer, etc, there is something physical to this all, not just mental........
    there are perfumes who last for days(those in high concentration, oily), there are some who are even too strong! too loud, all that to me is important part of perfume evaluation ....
    and i did notice sometimes before i "understand" or get to know some perfume better i think it is short lived (3 hours) and later, after getting to know it by wearing, i discover that i can smell it all day long........

    i would be very interested to know do you measure how long you can smell your own perfumes on yourself?

    Reading that article came to my mind notes that i really like very much, but must be an expencive one and not used in many perfumes and could fit to Italian spirit Ambrette seed, i like it so very much in Chanel No 18! makes that perfume special....also wish it could last a bit longer, that perfume is on gentle side from projection and longevity perspective, but can pass
    then Rose but not bulgarian one its so overwhelming , that is allways like some soliflore scent, i imagine Taif rose to be so so beautiful
    and as a third note wich i like instantly! Geranium...its such an refreshing flower, instant beauty....

    i hope you dont mind me taking this opportunity to say what i like
  2. jacona
    This sounds great. I've been to all those cities, so I think it will be great to smell your take on them.
  3. Merely
    Please count me in, if there are any spare 'slots' - I would be delighted to learn more of your style of perfumery, which seems distinctive indeed.

    Now: I think the Italian names of these cities (five technically makes it a 'pentapolis'! Pentapolitan?) is best in Italian, too. Otherwise they would not be true to the cities whose spirit they hopefully reflect. I prefer the title 'Italian Series', but only slightly, for there is merit in both names. To me, 'Italian Collection' suggests what the collection _is,_ whilst 'Spirit of Italy' suggests what it aims at. The latter may be more revealing, and the former more accurate.

    I am curious about the intended notes for each - particularly Rome. I can't imagine what you have in mind at the moment. Presently it offers all the anticipation of a puzzle!
  4. bookwyrmsmith
    This project sounds facinating ! I would love to be involved with it if I may?
    As to the names : I think that The Italian Series sounds better to me as spirit of_____ tends to sound rather haunted.Or pep-squad-ish.In general I prefer the names to be in Italian as it does seem more appropriate to the brand.(Similar to how Guerlain is often in French ,and other brands too for thier country/language).
  5. Osi1s
    I really like the concept for this project, it conjures up so much possibility and can't wait to see how it develops and turns out.
  6. hoschhti
    My goodness, the thread really "exploded" in the last 3 days - so many posts!

    As for the names I would use Italian names. Maybe the whole series should have an Italian name, something like "Serie della Italia" or "Serie Italiana" (hope that's correct Italian ). I think it's no problem for English-speaking people to recognize it as "Italian Series".
  7. cosmopolit
    I also vote for the Italian names--
  8. Profumo
    Thanks to all of you for your enthousiasm and your support.
    The overwhelming advice is that the names be in Italian and thet the name of the collection will be (Italian series).
    I was in doubt about the names in Italian because I have lived so long in Italy that I do not have anymore the foreigner's perception about the language, and I needed you to show to me what a non -Italian international audience would feel more beautiful for the names of these fragrances.

  9. Profumo

    Dear friends,

    The first version of the first perfume of the “Italian series” is ready to be sampled. It is “Milano Café”.

    The concept is that the characteristic smell of Milano is the aroma of coffee that invades the streets, the working places and that is present in every social occasion, be it professional or leisure.
    I have added the chocolate, that is either added as powder to the cappuccinos or given together with the cup of coffee as a single square piece nicely packed.

    The third note of the accord is a multi ethnic note of woods and spices that features the Somali and Arab shops and restaurants that have flourished in the city in the last 20 years.

    The perfume is warm, dry and woody. The original blast of coffee- chocolate melts quickly in the woody-spicy notes and using it gives 2 types of satisfactions, the first minute “soo coffee” and then after that the heart and end of the perfume.

    The free samples will be available
    With Lisa at STC (1 ml) along with any order of decants passed there (from next week)
    At from now on in 5.5 ml minis (for Basenoters only, do not forgot to mention it) with any order passed there .
    You can test the perfume and write your feed back, comments, reviews on THIS thread. According to what you say I shall either keep the perfume as it is or adjust it for a second round of sampling.

  10. Nasenmann
    So no samples without ordering something else then?
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