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  1. Diamondflame
    Sounds intriguing. I hope it doesn't come across too strongly as a gourmand fragrance. It will also be interesting to see if one can distinguish coffee scents from Milan cafes vs coffee scents from other cities, apart from the dusting of chocolate powder on the top. And that element of Somalian or Arabian subculture seems a gamble for it could throw the 'Italian city vibe' off on a tangent. Or it could prove to be an interesting facet known only to the Milanese, somewhat akin to 'insider knowledge'. I better wait for my StC sample.
  2. Profumo
    Welcome Diamondflame, I am eager to hear your comments on the perfume.
  3. Profumo
    All members of this club who are in the US or Canada can ask for a free sample of Milano Caffé until Friday 18th at 12 PM. It will be graciously sent to them.
    Send me your address mentioning your nick at
  4. lisalaw
    Guess I'm the first one to post my impressions of Milano Caffe. I tested this as did my daughter. Now, mind you, I am not a coffee drinker but I do occasionally like the smell of it. To my nose, this is a chocolate infused coffee scent with just a hint of tobacco (just as if you were sitting at a cafe in Milan surrounded by other customers and someone at a far-off table was smoking). I don't find it overly gourmand and it lasted a really long time on me. My daughter sat with her nose buried in her wrist for most of the evening. She doesn't wear a lot of fragrance but said that this one was exactly what she would like to wear (she is a coffee drinker!). Quite honestly, there is nothing that I would like to see different in this fragrance. Splendido, fantastico!!
  5. Profumo
    Thank you for your feedback, I am so interested to understand the perception that people have of the chocolate versus coffee, because some days I smell the coffee strong and some others days the chocolate.
    I tried my best NOT to make it just an "edible" perfume, Milano is the capital of elegance.
  6. slim
    I've been wearing this yesterday and today, and have found myself with my nose to my wrist quite frequently. I just love it! I hope you don't change a thing.

    Regarding the perceptions of the coffee and chocolate, they seem to weave in and out, so that sometimes I am struck by the coffee, other times, the cocoa, and sometimes, by the combination of the two. I was really curious about this perfume because I do not like gourmand fragrances -- I feel like the food items are right there before me, and that experience can be too intense (and quite annoying.) The first hit of Milano Caffe is different. It doesn't feel to me as if the coffee or chocolate is right there. Instead, it feels like a remembrance of coffee and chocolate, an echo of something in the past floating into one's mind. So there is the invitation of a memory that urges you to come closer and inhale again. It's definitely intriguing and not overpowering at all. Then, when the heart of the perfume comes, it is lovely and refined, and at the end, some of the different spice notes start to distinguish themselves to my nose.

    Really, it's one of my surprising new favorites. If you do end up changing it, please keep your notes on this version so that I may get some in the future!
  7. Profumo
    Ciao Slim, I have the same perception as you have about coffee versus chocolate.
    I am so glad that you like the perfume as it is, it is the third version in shich I just changed the proportions of coffee/chocolate versus woody/spicy bases.
  8. hoschhti
    I received my sample today, thank you very much Profumo! I gave it already a try, here are my first impressions:

    The balance between the coffee and the chocolate is perfect, they come as one unity, so I wouldn't change anything there.

    The perfume is very spicy, it reminds me actually of the cardamom-spiced coffee that people drink in the middle east/orient-area. I think I even smelled some frankincense in it?!
    At times I found it too overwhelming, I mean coffee is already a strong note, but together with the spices it's even more so.
    And also because of the spices it smells more "oriental" to me and less "Italian". These notes make the perfume very interesting but they drag it a bit too much (for my taste) to the "oriental-side". I personally would lower the spices a little bit.

    This is just my first impression, I will give it more wearings in the next days to understand the perfume better.
  9. Osi1s
    wow loving the sound of the coffee one. Will there be samples available even for purchase for those outside of the US or canda?
  10. Profumo
    Osi1s, you can get a free sample of "Milano Caffé" from STC when you order any decants from their site.
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