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  1. comfortablynumbbg
    Thank you Profumo, I received the sample of Milano Caffe. Here's my thoughts on it. When it touches the skin, very overwhelming first impression. Very strong, very masculine to my nose (I cannot imagine a woman wearing this, at least one in my age group, 22). Masculine in an old school, "oriental" powerhouse kind of way. For some reason, while smelling this I was thinking of Opium Pour Homme EDP at certain points (they both share that oriental, masculine vibe that I get, not similar smell since this one is very cofeeish, but same kind of feel in a way). Granted, the coffee is very apparent here. Very bitter at first, very potent. Gradually it gets better, the bitterness isn't as noticeable. Chocolate tends to become more apparent later on, in the beginning the coffee dominates imo. Afterwards, they sort of mix to my nose, and I get like a combo of both. This one to me screams loud at first, then it becomes softer. It's nice, but not really my cup of tea. I can imagine someone much older rocking this and exuding class though (a way more mature L'Instant de Guerlain Pour Homme Extreme sort of way). Very spicy like already mentioned, if that's what you were going for kudos.
  2. Profumo
    Thank you for your comments confortably, I understand that this is not your cup of coffee and probably when you say "much older" you mean someone in their thirties.
    It would be nice to hear what your friends or collegues think anout "Milano Caffé".
    You may be surprised at some women's comments.
  3. Diamondflame
    Received my sample from StC yesterday. Here are my 1st day observations:

    On fabric, I mostly smell the 'leftover coffee grounds' from an empty still unwashed coffee cup. The scent feels atmospheric; I could imagine being in a cafe mid-morning or early afternoon, the majority of customers having just left after a quick espresso. There is a trace of spices but they seem well-blended enough not to stick out like sore thumbs.

    On my skin however I get a completely different profile: the coffee note gets all but buried under the wood spices. It feels somewhat middle-eastern, & not something I'd associate with modern cosmopolitan Milan.

    I'll have wear it again on another day to see if these impressions change. Interestingly on my last visit to Milan I had a similarly cool somewhat detached reception of the city compared to the excitement I felt on arriving in Rome, Florence and Venice. I'm getting a similarly detached feeling with Milano Caffe.
  4. Profumo
    Thank you Diamondflame. Of course the "Ethnic" Milan that I am featuring is an insider's view. Maybe too much of an insider's. You visited the city, would you suggest an other note appropriate to Milan that I could use to temper the ethnic one and render the perfume more cosmopolitan?
  5. hoschhti
    I gave it some more wearings, but the first impression that I had a few posts ago was already quite accurate: The spicy "ethnic/oriental accord" is a bit too loud compared to the "Italian coffee & chocolate accord". It does simply not remind of Italy, but if you intend it maybe as a bridge between the Arabian Series and the new Italian Series, then it's okay.
  6. OVincze
    Thank you so much for the sample, I have found it really good and wore it. I find it slightly too spicey and would up the coffee and definitely the chocolate a bit, what about vanilla? I am not suggesting a gourmand but I think the spices overpower it a bit. This is my first impression but I think that this will be really good.
  7. Profumo
    Thank you for the feed back. The feelings are not unanimus but so far a consistant part finds Milano Caffè too spicy. However adding coffee and chocolate could make it much less wearable. I think that adding an ingredient sould be the right thing to do. Probably a woody note. I would increase the coffee chocolate but add the third note, in that way the balance coffee7chocolate versus the rest of the perfume would remain unchanged.
    Any suggestion from those who tested Milano caffè?
  8. Diamondflame
    Hmm... Perhaps a cooler element to temper the warmth of the spice? I'm thinking along the lines of lavender, nutmeg, vetiver and cardamom or airy powdery notes like heliotrope to give it a sort of a cool vibrancy. A subtle dose of patchouli could work wonders too, elegantly adding minty-floral-woody nuances.

    I'm probably getting ahead of myself. But I thank you once again for giving us the opportunity to take this journey with you.
  9. slim
    Hello Profumo,

    It has been really fascinating to see the range of reactions. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to offer our feedback.

    I gave the perfume more wearings, and I still think it is fabulous as it is. I didn't sense the heart of the perfume to be overpowering. and neither did my boyfriend. However, I did register it as having a powdery feel, with the spices kicking in a little later. So if you are going to add another note, I think going in the powdery direction with something like heliotrope would be nice.
  10. bshell
    Got the sample a few days ago. First impressions are: excellent. I like it. The first few times I tried it I did not get the coffee or chocolate at all but rather a big old spicy oriental male fragrance. It reminded me of older men I knew in the past, like the principal of our high school. He smelled like this. I wish I knew the name of the cologne he wore. It would have been a popular male fragrance of the 50s, 60s or 70s. I get a lot of warm spice from Milano Cafe. It reminds me of another scent: Grezzo d'Eleganza.

    It's also reminiscent of Profumo's Arabian Series as others have suggested.

    Today, maybe the third time I tried it, I finally got the full chocolate/coffee aroma quite near the opening. Don't know how I missed it the other two times. That was great, but to me, the chocolate dominates. I don't get much coffee. I like how this weaves in and out of the spices and the sophisticated well dressed gentleman that Milano Cafe evokes.

    I agree with others that the spice is the dominant feature of this perfume after a few hours. Great balsamic base as well. This is not a bad thing. I feel this fragrance stands on its own, but it is similar to other formulations by Profumo.
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