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  1. Profumo
    You are right Bshell in that it looks too much like one of my oriental perfumes. I have an idea of adding a good dose of Vetyver, keeping coffee/chocolate in the same proportions, so as to have a much more Elegant Milanese man perfume.
    Vetyver is very much appreciated by ladies, so it may still remain a perfume that many women would wear.
  2. irrbloss
    I haven't got my sample yet, but I'm already against adding vetyver to it . The vetyver in Rochas Man makes it unwearable for me. If it got coffee and chocolate notes, I think cardamom in small doses would be a nice component, maybe some hint of light/airy tobacco too. I'll get back with more comments when I actually have tried it .

    Edit: Oops, I just read the official notes of Rochas Man and there's no vetyver in it - still I feel something reminding of vetyver in it - that brakes the whole composition.
  3. Profumo
    Thank you irrbloss. Vetyver is elegant as Milano is, it is a rare note in perfumes today. It is present only in elegant and costly fragrances. Adding a note in a composition must have a meaning, it must be coherent with the rest. Cardamom could be very nice but it is oriental, and what I would like to do is to render it more "Milan gentleman" and less "Milan pluri-ethnic insider's view".
    Patchouli may also be nice but too oriental.
    An other possibility would be a plain sober, manly woody note of cedar wood, or else lavender.
  4. bshell
    Today, I happened to put on a tiny bit of Tom Ford "Tobacco Vanille" and oddly it reminds me of Milano Café but without the spice. It's the tobacco note. Also, even the vanilla, which I sense as part of the base of Milano Café, or it might be something "vanilla-like" such as coumarin or one of the balsams, such as peru balsam, etc.

    Is it only me, or do others feel like the combo of coffee and chocolate come out as tobacco in profumo's Milano Café? In fact it makes me wonder if there's a bit of tobacco in the mix.
  5. cowcat84
    I received my sample today. It is wonderful. I can smell the coffee in the beginning, then a faint smell of tobacco. I can feel the chocolate when I get closer to the skin, and tobacco has always smelled like cocoa to me.

    I like the perfume as it is. It smells like a city of cafés: North and East African, as well as European. It couldn't be any other way.

    However, I don't object to adding vetiver .
  6. Profumo
    Bshell and Cowcat, it is probable that the coffee smell brings the memory of coffee shops and bars with cigarette smoke for those who have known the time when smoking in bars was not prohibited. But there is no tobacco at all.
    Vanilla is part of the chocolate note.
    The fragrance is build on 3 notes, coffee/chocolate/resins & spices. This looks simple but there are 23 ingredients in it, essential oils and absolutes.
  7. hoschhti
    Vetyver is actually a good idea, it's very elegant and could cool down the "hot" spices!

    Is there frankincense in this perfume? I smell something smoky and "churchy" embedded in the perfume, but maybe my nose is playing tricks on me.
  8. irrbloss
    Got the sample today and I think it's just lovely just as it is! No need for more spices. I think I would prefer lavender over vetyver if you're going to add a note. I get coffee, cocoa and spices (is there a hint of cinnamon?).
  9. Profumo
    Yes Alexander, there is frankincense, myrrh, cistus, labdanum and Peru Balsam as resins.
  10. Profumo
    Yes Irrbloss, there are hints of Cinnamon, clove buds, coriander and Ginger.
    Seeing that there is a rather positive consensus about this version just as it is, I am thinking to rebuild it completely for a new version Coffee/chocolate/woods & vetyver.
    I believe that the cause of some of you seing the perfume "too spicy" could be the pressence of clove oil for shich many have an aversion since childhood experiences with dentists.
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