Ayala Moriel - Bois d'Hiver - I love it!

  1. hoschhti
    This perfume is gorgeous! I had a sample almost two years ago and since then I couldn't stop thinking about it. I couldn't resist anymore so I ordered the 4ml mini bottle which is on its way to me. Are there other fans of this perfume out there?
  2. odysseusm
    Hi hoschhti, thanks for the post! I am a big fan of Bois d'Hiver, and of many of Ayala Moriel's scents. She is a craft artisan, and I like to support good work of that kind. Bois d'Hiver has lovely frankincense notes along with the wood. Ayala also did a similar scent called Fete d'Hiver. I own Bois and have a sample of Fete. Both are perfect scents for the holiday season.
  3. awayalonealong
    I second (third) my appreciation for Moriel's Bois d'Hiver, and I agree completely with you, odysseusm, about supporting HQ indie work.
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