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  1. Scent Samples UK
    Scent Samples UK
    Its that time of year again so it's time to break out the Tom Fords! Just looking for some layering ideas and peoples opinions on layering with this particularly exquisite line?
  2. andrewryan
    Year late to this, but thought I'd reply anyway. I (as others) have found that Oud Wood is, while good by itself, much better as a supporting role. My favorite so far is Noir de Noir + OW. Seems to balance or ground the rose, and, dare I say, man it up a bit. I've been wearing this combination a lot this late fall/winter.

    I've seen many proponents of Tobacco Vanille + Tuscan Leather, but I love Tobacco Vanille on its own too much to mess with it. Further, I have a love/hate relationship with Tuscan Leather: there's that one note - some have associated it with cocaine, which I agree with - that interferes with my enjoyment of it. As such, I'd love to find a combo with TL that works well...

    I've also heard of layering Neroli Portofino, which makes sense insofar as it's kind of the spring-summer equivalent of Oud Wood in the line (has the grooming line around it as well). That said, I can't imagine what to layer it with (I also love it on its own) as the other TF PB's are so dark and heavy. Not to mention, NP needs to be reapplied every few hours.

    Would love to hear yours or anyone else's ideas or thoughts!
  3. 601red
    Rive d'Ambre with Tobacco Oud... not bad at all.
  4. Bbrito
    I'll bring this back due to today's layer:

    Oud Wood Intense + Tobacco Vanille... testing it out but so far it's good!
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