My recent US haul

  1. Scent-e-mental
    I finally got back to Australia after my 4 week visit to Oklahoma in the USA. What struck me most was the friendliness and politeness of the people. Primarily my trip was to visit the New Year's meeting run by 21st Street church of Christ with my daughter. That was awesome and definitely the highlight of my trip. But everything was awesome: Taco Bell, the Cowboy hall of fame, Ross, Marshalls, Taco Bell $1.29 5 layer burritos, Walmart, IHOP, Braum's ( a local dairy/ restaurant), Cracker Barrel, the generally cheap prices....I could go on. I bought a number of perfumes for my wife and colognes for myself and books and gifts for friends etc etc. So, to my 'haul':

    mostly these were purchased from Ross, some from TJ Maxx, some from Walgreens and one from Walmart.

    Faconnable Men 100ml $15
    Cuba Prestige 100ml $8.90
    Bijan Men 75 ml set $16
    Bijan men 50 ml $8.99
    Realm Erox 50ml $9.99
    Kanon Agarwood $7.99
    Kanon Norwegian Wood $6.99
    Bath and Body Works Oak 100mL (75%off) around $7
    Claiborne for Men 100mL (forget the price)
    Aqua Selva 100ml (around $25.. quite expensive, but $40 here in Aus)
    PS Fine cologne 4 oz (post xmas sale 50% off as it was holiday stock) $9.99
    Preferred Stock 2x 50ml $14.95
    Pinaud Cubman 6 oz (around $7) - I did not see special reserve anywhere.
    Deauville Michel Germain 100ml $9.99
    Lauder Men....well let's just say it was somewhat more expensive than any of the others.

    Has anyone else been on Holiday/ received fragrances recently? And which of the ones I bought are Good, Bad and Ugly?
  2. Swanky

    Can we assume you hadn't smelled or owned any of these before? If not, the old school frags in your lot (Preferred Stock, Clubman, Acqua di Selva, Lauder and Bijan) are all winners in my book. Faconnable and Cuba Prestige are pretty good for their respective styles, which aren't typically among my favorites. The only one of your list that I don't own or know is Erox.
  3. darren1
    aw, i wanted to send you some while you were here! i knew first hand how hard it is to find. the special reserve. maybe i can send some down to australia to you still.
  4. darren1
    this guy ships to austrailia! <--click here
  5. Boge
    I'm surprised the plane got off the ground with all that pirate booty!!
  6. PerfumeCollector
    Great catch Scent.
  7. bigsteve
    Oklahomans are some of the most down-to-earth people in America, and I say that having visited or lived in alot of states.
    And good job with the frags. Will be interested to hear what you think of those Kanons.
    Here is our own Shamu1's enthusiastic reviews of those:
  8. dwrestle
    Sounds like you got some pretty solid fragrances during your visit. Glad you liked the great American institution that is Taco Bell(my favorite fast food joint). I just had beers with a old clasmate of mine who moved to Australia about three years ago, and her Australian boyfriend a couple of weeks ago. From the sound of things I need to go to Australia and go work at one of those mines. You guys make a ton of money down there, and it's worth close to the same as ours too.
  9. Scent-e-mental
    I almost forgot, I also got a 207ml bottle of Aqua Velva Ice Blue aftershave for about $6...nice!
  10. PerfumeCollector
    I wish you have forgotten the Ice Blue, LOL
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